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Color Forecast: Spring 2019

Today we’re talking all things color! Usually around this time of year, I do a post dedicated to some of the hottest colors for the upcoming spring/summer seasons. I thought it was about time I let you know which colors you need to be picking up for your spring wardrobe. If you want to check out last year’s Spring 2018 Color Forecast, click here.

Just below, I’ve lined up Spring and Summer 2019’s best and brightest colors for you. I’ve also laid out which colors will look best on you based on your hair color and skin tone!

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Color Forecast: Spring 2017

So spring has finally sprung, and the weather is slowly changing from dull and chilly to bright, crisp, and a little warmer. 

One of the most wonderful things about spring, in my opinion, is the introduction of the color that was lost during those dull winter months.  The flowers start blooming and that means your wardrobe can too! I've been thoroughly enjoying adding some pops of color back into my life the past couple weeks, so I thought I would research what colors will be trending this season so you can try them out too.  Grab yourself a cup of tea and some chocolate, and let's talk color!

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Finding Confidence in Your Style

Hello lovely readers!  I hope you're all having a great week.  Hopefully you haven't all burned up in this ungodly summer heat.  Today, I thought I'd talk about how empowering style has become for me over the past few years, and how it can be for you too, with a fun summer inspired outfit.

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Go Monochrome

This week I wanted write about monochromatic outfits and why they work. I also wanted to do this with non-black outfits since throwing together a monochrome black outfit is pretty effortless, and I thought not wearing black was a nice challenge for myself as well!

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