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5 Trends You Need to Try This Autumn

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I’ve been back up to Derbyshire visiting family and celebrating my great grandma, Doris’s 100th birthday. Feeling to proud to know such an amazing lady. Comment down below what you’ve been up to this weekend.

Anyway, this week I wanted to talk about some of the trends you should be expecting this fall winter season. Have a read below and comment which trends your going to give a try.

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The Sheer Audacity

Hope you’re having a lovely week so far. Have you been up to anything exciting? I’ve spent the weekend with my lovely friend, Jade. We did a little bit of shopping, some hot tubbing, and a lot of eating. What more could a gal want, right? I also, much to my dismay, finished my new favorite show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, get on it this week. It’s a must see in my book, between the gorgeous 50s outfits and the amazing soundtrack, not to mention it’s hilarious! Do you have any good binge-worthy recommendations? If so, leave them below. Anyway, on to this week’s blog post, because that’s what you’re all really here for, not to here my ramble on about what I’ve been binge watching last week.

This week’s blog post is surprisingly all about a fabric; I promise it’s not as boring as it sounds lol. Surely, you’ve noticed the rise of sheer fabrics these past few months. Organza has made an incredible resurgence from the 80s, thanks to brands like Zara and Topshop. The sheer fabric allows for even more creativity when it comes to your outfit, and I’ve been testing the new trend out for myself. Below are the reasons I think it’s such a fun fabric to spice up your autumn wardrobe.

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Back to Basics

Hope you’ve been having a good Easter and bank holiday weekend if you’re here in the UK. Hope you’ve been spending time with your fam and eating lots of Easter treats. Anyway, on to this week’s blog post.

While building an amazing wardrobe, or at least what I consider to be amazing lol, I’ve been learning and growing along with it. I think of my wardrobe as a fluid, ever-changing thing. Pieces are always coming in and going out of my life and I try my best to keep it all rather balanced, but sometimes even my closet falls off kilter.

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Put It In Neutral

How are you guys doing this week? Comment down below with how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to this weekend. You know I’m always nosey, and what to hear about what you’re up to.

This year one of my fashion goals has been to challenge myself to make neutrals exciting again. They’ve been all over the runways and street-style stars recently, and I want to try it out myself. While I’ve become inclined to grab a punchy pink sweater rather than a subtle camel one, I want to make myself a bit more comfortable with the classic tones again. I think it’s important to have that balance of color and neutral in my wardrobe and know how to navigate both seamlessly.

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5 Signs Your Wardrobe Needs a Refresh

I hope you’re all having the best, coziest Sunday ever. These chilly February days are made for cozying up, eating warm soups, drinking hot chocs, and watching movies under fuzzy blankets, aren’t they? Comment down below what your fav thing is to do in this cold weather. I know the cooler weather and shorter days can get us all feeling a bit stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to our wardrobes, but I’m hoping this blog post might change that!

For the weekly blog post, I wanted to talk about when it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and a few tips on how to do it! These are the 5 signs that it’s time to revive your closet.

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The Boiler-suit: From Utility to Trendy

How are you all doing al this chilly January evening? I can’t believe that January is already almost over. Its flown by for me, but I bet some of you would argue that it’s been the longest month ever. Anyway, I guess we should leave behind the topic of chilly Januarys and get back to the topic we’re all here to talk about, fashion!

One of the rising trends I’ve seen this winter/spring season is the oh-so-unexpected boiler-suit! That’s right, they’ve come back around and are extremely on trend again. It somehow joins casual and chic, utility and trendiness for a delightfully unexpected look! Here are some of the reasons I love a boiler-suit, and why I think you might too!

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A Look Back at 2018..Did I Achieve My Goals?

How are you all doing after the holiday festivities so far? I’ve had an amazing time visiting family and eating haha. Are you all ready for New Year’s Eve? Ready to eat some more food?

For this blog post, I wanted to evaluate some of the resolutions I made this time last year in last year’s post. Have I made myself proud this year? Have I accomplished what I wanted to? Let’s see…

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Stepping Out of My Style Comfort Zone in Milan

Fergus and I have just returned from Milan! We had an amazing little trip, exploring the city and visiting my Italian pals. I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a quick city break! If you have any questions about our Milan visit, comment them down below, because I’ll probably be answering them in my next post with my mini guide to Milan.

For this week’s post, I wanted to try to challenge myself and my typical style in Milan! Often, I find myself getting into a fashion rut and just wearing a similar combination of clothing over and over, so every now and then, I think I’ve got to break out of the routine.

A piece of clothing a usually shy away from is the midi skirt. I’ve long admired the midi skirts and dresses on the likes of my taller friends, celebs, and models, but I’ve always felt that I was too short too pull one off. Since I’m always preaching that anyone can wear anything though, I thought I should test myself to do the same!

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How to Style Ugly Sneakers

How has your weekend and Thanksgiving been? Have you been rocking some killer fall/winter outfits? Comment down below what your current favorite winter outfit is! I’ve been up in Newcastle this week visiting my brother, exploring the city, and eating lots of food, most importantly of which was our Thanksgiving meal! Although we missed our Tennessee family, it was nice that Fergus and I got to spend it together and try out cooking it for ourselves! We did pretty well apart from our roasted veg could’ve been…well a bit more roasted! Anyway, the day after our Thanksgiving meal, Fergus took me touring around Newcastle and took some awesome shots for this week’s post featuring my ‘ugly’ sneakers!

We may call them ugly, but everyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry has been rocking these less-than-sleek babies, from Gigi Hadid to bloggers to models in the Louis Vuitton ads . They’ve also been called chunky trainers, dad shoes, and a fashion Frankenstein. There are obviously endless ways to rock them, but these are my top three ways I would recommend to pull off your own dad sneakers.

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