All About the Style Transplant


That’s me, Georgie. I consider myself the style ‘transplant’ because of my somewhat unconscious move to the U.S. that happened when I was four (from Swanwick, England which most of you have probably never heard of), but I expect you’re not here to read about the mostly, uneventful life of a four-year-old. So let’s fast forward sixteen years to the present where I have decided to record my relationship with style. I have always had a passion for style, but I used to be very shy in high school. Style became a way for me to express myself to others, and through feedback from this, I gained confidence. Style really helped me find myself. Also, visiting family in England every year helps me gain a new fashion perspective that I try to express through my outfits. With this blog, I plan to not only inform you of my current personal style choices, but hopefully, along with me, you can discover and hone your own personal style. I plan on having fun with this, so I hope you can find this blog helpful and relatable.

Georgie x

Georgie is currently living and working as a Fashion Design Assistant and a Fashion PR Assistant in London, England.


About the blog

The Style Transplant was born one chilly, January morning after encouragement from countless friends and family members. After  swimming through an ocean of blogging research and with the help from everyone I know, the Style Transplant was born.   The blog was cast out into the world-wide-web on January 9th 2016, in the hope of both sharing a personal style journey and evolution, and also sharing tips and tricks for helping other individuals find and improve their own personal style.

Many amazing brands have collaborated with The Style Transplant or used her content for advertising.  Here are just a few:

-Ann Taylor                      -AlbionFit                      - Gaffer & Child

-Polette Eyewear              -Paupée de Papier               -Bioclarity

 -Cynthia Rowley               -La Roche Posay                  -Mockberg

-Eva Cosmetics NYC        -CiCi London                        -Armitron   

    -Aerie (American Eagle  -The Balm Cosmetics   -Ideal  of Sweden                 

What's being said about the blog:

"[This blog] is about university senior blogging away with just ease, sensibility and adorable transparency. It is just like a perfect glass of British tea, scones, and your favorite friend!"

"The Style Transplant is a creative, style blog written by a University student originally from the U.K. but now living in the U.S."