Go Monochrome

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This week I wanted write about monochromatic outfits and why they work. I also wanted to do this with non-black outfits since throwing together a monochrome black outfit is pretty effortless, and I thought not wearing black was a nice challenge for myself as well! The idea behind a monochrome look, is that visually your body is elongated and you look taller and slimmer.  It is also pleasing to the eye because of its uniformity.  A monochrome outfit can also place more emphasis on the shape or style of the piece rather than just the color, which can sometimes distract from a formally interesting piece.  So basically, go monochrome if you want to look tall and thin and also you want people to notice the shape of the pieces rather than just their color.

I also tried to find backgrounds to match my outfits which was an idea I have borrowed from one of my best friends, Joud (who is incredibly stylish herself so go follow her on Instagram).  It's harder than it looks, but I did find this maroon-ish wall and a grey door for the second outfit.

My first look is a monochrome maroon outfit. You should know I have an on-going love affair with maroon.  Besides black it's probably one of my favorite colors to wear.  I also went through a maroon phase where not only my clothes were maroon, but also my laptop case, duvet on my bed, backpack, and many other things.  But since then I have been toning it down haha. (Apart from this outfit)

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So for this look I pair a cotton turtleneck with a long simple vest and some joggers.  I wanted the outfit to look comfy and casual with the turtleneck and joggers, but I added the vest to make the outfit look just a bit  more put together.  The vest also adds more interest to the outfit, even though by itself it's quite simple.  I also added the retro sunglasses for a color contrast and a bit of fun.

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The second outfit I chose was a grey monochromatic outfit.  I ended up really liking this look a lot because the pants are so unique and fit me really well.  The pants are actually not grey, although from far away they count.  They are actually really small black and white checked.  I added a cropped turtleneck to compliment the high-waisted pant.  I then added the metallic silver pointed flats for added interest and to elongate my legs.

[Top: Forever21, Bottoms: Forever21, Shoes: ASOS, Sunglasses: Ann Taylor]

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Georgie xo