Good Things Come to Those Who GO


Hello friends,

I hope you've all had a great week and weekend. I've finished my first week of my internship, and I have to admit, it was a great week! So many exciting things happen in such a short period of time, so I am also quite exhausted haha. 

Today, as inspired by a quote I recently heard, I wanted to talk about why I've decided to GO this year instead of waiting around for my life to happen and why you should GO too! (This will be my little cliché words-of-encouragement post.) The quote that really hit home for me was on a Delta commercial haha. It said "You know the old saying, good things come to those who wait, [is over]. Good things come to those who go!" This really made me think about the way we sometimes just expect things to work out or fall in our laps without putting in much effort. I mean patience is an important quality to have in many situations in life, but when it comes to your life goals, dreams, passions and relationships, good things don't come to those that just hang around and wait! Good things to those who go, those who try hard, and those who constantly and vigilantly keep going!


"Good things come to those who GO!"

- Delta


We spend too much of our lives just living day-by-day without making any larger steps towards our dreams. A lot of times, we just expect to somehow arrive there someday, when in reality, it takes courage and hard work to get places in life. That is why I made this kind-of-scary life decision to try out living in London! For a long time now I've wanted to experience working in the fashion industry in London, and now I'm doing exactly that! Believe me I was scared out of my mind and constantly on the brink of a nervous breakdown this entire first week, but I don't regret it one bit! This first week has taught me so much already, not about the fashion industry, but also living in a different city, making friends, and becoming a more confident and independent person. So in light of my recent career venture, I challenge you, this week, to make a step towards the future you want to live! Maybe it's sending an email to the dream employer, finally telling someone you really like them, or applying for university again! Everyone has some kind of goal or dream, so don't forget to make steps toward achieving yours!

Thank you so much for reading this week's post. I really hope I inspired you to continue trying to reach the goals or dreams you have for your future. Shout out to my mom who (who I'm already missing like crazy) for taking these photos for me at the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego! I would definitely recommend visiting there if you're in San Diego and want to see a gorgeous coastal view. Read my Mini Guide to San Diego post is you're interested in learning more about our San Diego trip and the places we enjoyed seeing while there. Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for everyday updates, especially of London! Also I post once and week if you didn't already know, so I'd love if you're come check out the blog next week too!

Georgie x

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