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Hello my fashionable friends,

I hope you're all doing well! I've just made it to London, but I wrote this ahead of time so fingers crossed the journey went well! Eeeek! Anyway, I'm so glad you've joined me again here on the blog. You're the best, you know! This week, since I recently nailed a very dreamy internship, I wanted to talk about some tips and tricks, you know how I love my tips, on how to nail the job, internship, college program, etc. of your dreams! I've spent over a year and a half finding and getting this internship, and I've interviewed with my share of companies since I was about fifteen, so I think I've learned a suitcaseful! 

Do Some Research

Just like you would research or prepare for a test at school, you need to put in a little time and effort to really be prepared for an interview. Learn somethings about the company that they value, practice, and implement because there will most likely be questions about these things. Also, dig a little deeper and research a unique piece of information that other interviewees may not have found out, making you one step above the rest!


Dress to Impress

Shocker...the style blogger is telling you to dress to impress, but it really is the very FIRST thing someone notices about you whether you like it or not. The way you present yourself to this potential employer could make all the difference. Find out what their employees typically wear and dress similar to them (or maybe even a little better). 

Confidence is Key

Make an effort to confidently introduce yourself confidently. In nearly every job out there, you will be interacting with people, and when people come to a company for help with a service or product, they want to feel as though the person they're talking to is confident and competent. Try to give off this same confidence in the interview by speaking clearly, sitting up straight, and giving off other good body language. (You'll feel a lot more confident if your do the research too!)


Ask Questions

Typically at the end of an interview, the interviewer will finish with "do you have any questions for me?" I've made the mistake far too many times of returning that quetion with the answer "no, I think you pretty much answered all my questions," or something of that nature, but that often comes off to the interviewer as uninterested. I've been much more successful in nailing interviews when I have a few questions prepared to ask at the end to show how committed and interested I am in this job! Even if it's something simple like "how would you describe the work environment? Does everyone get along really well?" you're still showing genuine interest which appeals to the interviewer.

I hope next time you have an interview, you can implement some of the tips above. Comment down below if you have any other tips I didn't quite hit on, because I know some of you have had more experience than me! Remember to check me out on Facebook and Instagram for more daily updates and adventures, especially with my London internship coming up! Special thank you to Miranda from Wildroot Photo for taking these gorgeous photos and finding this awesome hidden location gem! Remember to check back next week for another cheeky blog post!

Georgie x



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