My Mini Guide to San Diego

Outfit Details (Shop Below): Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Shirt: Forever21, Skirt: Topshop, Bag: Bohemian Bags, Shoes: Nike

Outfit Details (Shop Below): Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Shirt: Forever21, Skirt: Topshop, Bag: Bohemian Bags, Shoes: Nike

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well on this warm summer Sunday. As promised last week, this week I wanted to talk about some of the best places we visited in San Diego while we were there! I hope you enjoy learning what we got up to and maybe if you ever visit you can visit some of my recommendations below!

Old Town

Day one of our San Diego trip consisted mostly of a trip to the Old Town. This place is frozen in time for the most part. It's like visiting a scene from West World, or if you don't watch that, like a scene from an old western movie! This is the best place to walk around dirt streets and find any San Diego souvenirs or Mexico inspired trinkets. We also had some amazing, authentic tacos here too when we got peckish. 

San Diego Zoo

Day two featured a trip to the zoo, and not just any zoo! San Diego Zoo has been voted the best zoo in the world, so we couldn't miss it! I honestly felt like a kid again walking around the massive zoo, looking at polar bears, pandas, giraffes, jaguars and more! If you do visit, don't miss the aviary, because we saw some gorgeous birds up close! I would definitely recommend if you love animals and are into animal conservation, because San Diego Zoo is on top of it with over 1,500 conservation projects currently. 

Whale Watching + C-Level

One day we decided to go on another whale watching tour since we went on a very successful one last time we were in Cali. While we didn't see any actual whales, we did see hundreds of happy dolphins, including some babies, on the tour! I would definitely recommend if you've never done it before. We also went to an amazing restaurant in the bay area called C-Level, recommended by Joud's friend, Mina, that had amazing views and great seafood! We did these two on separate days, but they're in similar locations so it would make sense to visit on the same day if you wanted!


La Jolla + The Taco Stand

A day trip to La Jolla was a must thanks to the amazing recommendation from my bestie, Joud! La Jolla is home to some to-die-for rocky-sandy beaches and very upscale neighborhoods. It's so picturesque and you'll even see some sea lions while sunbathing and swimming. After we'd worked up an appetite, we went to Joud's most recommended spot, the Taco Stand, where I literally had the best tacos I've EVER HAD!  

Balboa Park

These specific photos were taken at Balboa Park, which is basically a botanical gardens that spans a large portion of San Diego near the zoo. It has various sections including a Chinese garden, palm canyon, and cactus dessert. We also saw some hummingbirds quite close when we were here! If you have a love for all things botanical, like my mom, you'll love it here. 

The Lighthouse

If you're looking for some great views of the San Diego bay area, this is the place to visit! It's San Diego's original lighthouse, which is nestled in a little state park. It's also a great place to check out what's lurking in the tide-pools and maybe go on a little hike. Definitely check the lighthouse out if you're looking for a nature escape while in San Diego.



I couldn't make a travel guide without including my shopping recommendations now, could I? We went shopping on one of the less sunny days to Fashion Valley Mall. It is kind of an outdoor mall, which for San Diego works perfectly. The mall had all the shops you could ask for including three of my favorites in one area; Zara, Topshop, and H&M. It was a successful day and I showed amazing restraint, mostly shopping for black items for my internship! (It was not easy lol.)

As I always say, thank you so so much for reading this week's post because it really does mean the world to me. Comment down below if you've been to San Diego before and what you're favorite things to do were! I can't wait to read. Also, don't forget, you can shop my outfit below. Special shout out to my lovely mom for taking so many photos for me in Cali! She's the best and so patient. Remember to check me out on Instagram and Facebook to see little daily updates! I'd love to be friends if I don't already know you and social media is a great way to start becoming friends, isn't it? 

Georgie x


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