Rooting for Plant Love


Hello fellow fashionistas,

Today, inspired by my mom, I'm writing about plants, houseplants in particular. These delicate green organisms have some not-so-obvious benefits you may not have thought of. I, having not been blessed with my mother's green thumb, have killed my fair share of cacti and succulents. But with the help of my friend Marlie and my mom, I've been able to keep two plants alive, one of them for about a year! It's been surprisingly quite rewarding and I thought I should share my thoughts on these little green pals. 

A Little Bit of Purpose

First of all, taking care of a little plant or two gives you a little extra purpose everyday. While it's a very small task to water your plants each day, it's still something to keep you in a routine. Having little tasks is good for occupying your mind and keeping you busy! 

Healthier Air

As most people already know, it's been proven that house plants help to naturally purify and clean the air indoors. Not only do plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale our much needed oxygen, but they also reduce humidity in your home too. Who wouldn't be happy with a little bit cleaner and fresher air to breathe? 

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Outfit Detail (Shop Below): Sweater: H&M, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Nike


Feeling of Success

When your little plant babies do well, you feel a little sense of triumph! While it's not anything as important as a child or pet, it's fulfilling to take care of anything and see it grow and thrive! One of my plants is about to bloom a second flower and I'm embarrassingly excited for it lol. Oh no, I'm becoming a plant nerd, like my mom haha!

Color Theory

Visually, the color green is the color symbolizing nature of course and it's said to give us feelings of safety, freshness, growth, and harmony! With all these great color associations, it's no wonder our green pals make us feel happy when we see them. It's even been proven that house plants help improve concentration and productivity, boosts your mood, and reduces stress levels. They do so much more than just sit there, don't they!?

Comment down below if you have any plant babies that are easy to take care of or if you have any good houseplant tips! Also let me know if you're going to go out and get yourself a little plant now. Big thank you to Miranda from Wildroot photo again for these magical plant-filled photos and also for being someone I can have amazing creative chats with! Remember to follow me on Instagram for daily stories and more posts! Also you can shop my outfit down below (The sweater is on sale!). Join me again next week for another post! I love you all and am so grateful for your constant support!

Georgie x

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