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Hello lovely people,

How are you all doing this week?  I hope you're enjoying the summer weather and doing some fun summer activities.  I definitely haven't been out in the warm weather as much as I should be (as you can tell from my pasty skin), but this day seemed like a great opportunity to take advantage of the pool.

Since this summer is all about the one-piece, I thought I would find one I love and then help you find the right one for you too!

My favorite suit for summer is this little red Aerie number! The main thing that drew me to this lovely suit, was the bright red color.  Red is a very popular color this season, and I've been trying to incorporate it wherever I can.  The white piping makes the suit look polished and also gives it a retro vibe.  With some interesting side cut-outs, what more could this suit offer! 

Below I've included the three key elements for finding your perfect one-piece.


Find your Fit

As with most items of clothing, a one-piece suit is never going to look flattering if it doesn't fit you.  Don't settle for a suit just because it's the right color, or it has cool cut-outs.   Fit is the number one thing you need to consider when buying a one-piece.  With fit in mind, this type of suit will flatter any figure, while accentuating your great features, and maybe hiding away the few you don't like.  

Flattering Fabric

Fabric is another thing to consider when buying a one-piece.  A lot of the problem I ran into while swimsuit shopping, was that there was no padding in the boob area...I don't know about you, but I like at least a little protection and support!  Find a suit that you feel comfortable in and the fabric is not to thin and flimsy.  


Complimentary Color

Find a color that suits (get it 'suits'...haha) both your complexion and your hair color.  Different colors on certain skin tones can wash you out, or make your skin appear greenish.  Colors like black, white, and red are usually a safe bet, if you're unsure though.  They look good with most skin types and hair colors.

Scroll down below to check out this suit and some other amazing suits from brands that I love.  Just click the one you're interested in to shop it. 

As always, thank you to all of those who took the time to read this post! I'm so thankful for you, lovely people! Let me know what you thought of my suit or what summer activities you've been up to in the comments below.  I always love to hear from you guys.  Join me again next week for another post, and follow me on Instagram to keep up with me in the meantime!

Georgie x


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