Beat The Heat in Style


Happy Sunday friends,

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.  Hopefully, you're coping in this summer heat a little better than I am!  Every-time I walk outside, I feel like I'm going to instantly melt into a puddle.  Hopefully, the temperature is cooler than the impossible 100°F whereever you are. 

Due to this unbearable weather, I thought I should come up with some tips on staying cool and stylish.

Skirt/Shorts Are Your Friends

Don't forget to SPF, but get those legs (..and arms) out!

Wear Lightweight Fabrics

Fabrics like linen and cotton will help you beat the heat, since they're quite breathable.  Other fabrics can keep in your body heat which will make you even hotter.

Carry Layers to Combat Freezing Air-Con

The problem that comes with wearing hot-weather-appropriate clothing is that the moment you walk inside a shop or movie theater, you're hit with the freezing cold air conditioning.  I suggest carrying an extra layer even in the summer, just so you're comfortable inside and out!


Wear Lighter Colors

To avoid feeling like absolute sweaty Betty in your chic black tee, trade it in for a white one.  Not only does white make you look more tan, but the sun's rays also bounce off the color white, in-turn keeping you cooler.

Find some cool Headgear 

A killer hat or sunglasses will shade your eyes, face, and the top of your head.  Your head and face are very susceptible to temperature, and you will overheat quickly if you're in the sun.  Also, I know we've all been subject to a burnt hair parting or melting make-up before, and neither are fun.  A hat and sunnies will help with that!

Thank you so much for reading another one of my posts.  Leave a comment below if you there are any topics you'd like me to cover in an upcoming post, or if you use any of these tips yourself.  If you're interested in shopping anything from this outfit scroll down and click on the pieces you're interested in.  Be sure to scroll down as well to subscribe, so that you never miss another one!  If you have an Instagram, be sure to follow me there too!  

Georgie x


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