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Good afternoon fellow fashion worshippers,

Hope you’ve been having a good Easter and bank holiday weekend if you’re here in the UK. Hopefully, you’ve been spending time with your fam and eating lots of Easter treats. Anyway, on to this week’s blog post.

While building an amazing wardrobe, or at least what I consider to be amazing lol, I’ve been learning and growing along with it. I think of my wardrobe as a fluid, ever-changing thing. Pieces are always coming in and going out of my life, and I try my best to keep it all rather balanced. Sometimes though, even my closet falls off kilter.

Somewhere between a green plaid skirt, an embroidered band jacket, and a bright piece of knitwear, I feel as though I’ve lost the basics of a solid wardrobe. This might be partly to blame on the fact that I haven’t seen the other half of my wardrobe over in the US since August, but I feel that I’ve been lacking some bone structure to my closet recently.

After writing one of my previous blog posts about how to know when your wardrobe needs a refresh, I came to conclusion that I needed to reevaluate my own a little bit, which is when I came to this conclusion. So much to the surprise of all of you, for this post, I thought I’d talk about the basics of a great wardrobe and how I’m planning to find mine again. I know this is probably not the place you’d normally come to read about basics, as more recently I’ve probably been known more for a strawberry red jumper or a pink polka dot tee, but I’ve come to realize just how important the basic pieces can be.


White & Black, A Friend of Jack

Color wise, it’s always a good idea to have some staple black and white pieces in your wardrobe for emergency moments. Things like a black sweater or a white pair of jeans will always help you when you’re in need. This black jumpsuit, similarly to a black dress, is a piece that you’re going to go back to over and over.

Basic Geometry

You also need to think about shape and style when purchasing basics that are going to last. Look for styles that stand the test of time and aren’t reliant on current trends. Things like denim jackets and black ankle boots are simple shapes that will always be in style and will always make a good contribution to your closet.

Variety Within the Basics

The next thing to think about when buying basics is to think variety. Don’t just buy 7 black t-shirts and think you’re done. You have to think broad spectrum. Some of the top basics I recommend for a good variety are a basic pair of jeans, a leather jacket, a neutral coat, black and white t-shirts, a white button-up shirt, and black boots.

don’t forget the accessories

Having a good set of basics also applies to your accessories. Some simple accessories that you can pair with any outfit is a must. I recommend having a classic black bag, a neutral pair of sunglasses (like these that I’m wearing from Zara), some gold or silver delicate jewelry.

Are you missing any basics in your current wardrobe? Are you having trouble putting together outfits? This might be the reason why. Think back on some of these tips next time you need to fill that gap in your wardrobe. A special thank you goes to the lovely Lucy for taking my photos again. Don’t know what I’d do without you. Everyone go and check out Lucy’s page to see her gorgeous photography skills. Remember to check out my page while you’re there too and see what I’m getting up to in London. Thank you for reading this post as always lovelies!

Georgie x


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