How to Wear Yellow as a Blonde


Hello friends,

How are you doing? Have you had a nice week? Unfortunately, the warm weather has left us for a bit here in London, but hopefully it will be back soon. I’m not really complaining though because as you may know, I’m secretly a lover of cooler weather.

Anyway, I’m turning 24 this week, and for the majority of those years, I’ve been avoiding the color yellow all together. Yellow can always be a hit or miss for us blondes and tends to look much better on our brunette friends. In this post, I want to touch on how us blondes can conquer the color ourselves, especially since it’s an important color for the season to come. Here are my tips for wearing yellow as a blonde.

Find the Right Yellow for Your Blonde

The key to mastering a tough color like yellow, when you’re a blonde, is finding the yellow that suits you the best. Take your tone of blonde and your skin tone into account when choosing your yellow. If you’re more tan, you can pull off a deeper mustard, but if you’re quite pale, it’s best to stick to a paler yellow, like I did here. Also, think about your particular tone of blonde. Cooler blondes should look for a pale yellow, while warmer blondes can pull off a deep shade of yellow.


Pair it With Neutrals

To make the color seem less scary, it’s best to pair yellow with neutrals like black or white. Black provides a nice contrast and makes the yellow less bold, so that’s what I decided to go for with this outfit. White is the way to go if you want to create a more summery outfit.

The Mirror is Your Friend

My final tip is to use a mirror and your best judgement. Finding the right tone of yellow to suit you can be as simple as just hold up different yellow items to your hair and skin. Typically you can tell just by looking in the mirror if a color is going to make you look sickly or stunning. Just go with your gut!

Next time you’re shying away from yellow, give it a try! There’s no color anyone should be afraid of in my book. Thank you for reading this week’s blog post and a special thank you to Lucy for taking my photos. Head over to Instagram if you’d like to see more day to day activities in the life of George haha.

Georgie x

George McCarthy