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Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day!

Here's a special shout out to my lovely dad! Thanks, Dad, for always supporting me and reading my blog posts even though they're probably not on your fav topics haha! This week, I've been lucky enough to be at the beach in Destin, Florida with some of my favorite ladies, but glad we got back here in time to celebrate Father's day! Anyway, for this week's post, I wanted to share with you some of the most popular trends I've been noticing this summer! These trends are filling shop windows, covering every fashion blogger's Instagram page, and showing up alongside the most famous celebs! So according to my calculations, these are the 5 things you need to be rocking this summer! 

Straw Accessories

As I mentioned in my last post, straw is the most popular material of summer 2018. From espadrilles, to straw hats, to basket bags, straw is showing up everywhere. I, of course, grabbed my new little basket bag and tied on a scarf from H&M for an extra pop of color.


Cat Eye Sunglasses

The cat-eye frame is clearly the most popular frame of the summer and you should definitely give them a go! They may not be the most classic style, but they add the perfect retro touch to any outfit. I love them because they make me think of old photos of my grandma in the 60s. 

Open-Toe Mules

Mules have been the trendy shoe for last year or so, but this summer it's all about the open-toe mules rather than last year's closed-toe loafer style. They're the perfect shoes for keeping your feet cool during these humid summer months. I was amazed to find these gorgeous satin, emerald ones at Target for only $24! 



Striped patterns are repeat offenders nearly every summer because of their nautical connotations, and this year is no exception. Rainbow stripes in particular have been popular this year, but if you're not feeling quite brave enough to rock, kindergarten-style stripes, you can always opt for a much more subtle stripe like I did here! This super affordable jumpsuit from Forever 21 is in neutral shades anyone can wear!

Coin Necklaces

Jewelry wise, the most popular trend seems to be vintage or vintage-inspired coin necklaces. I picked mine up at Forever 21, but you can find them in a lot of high street shops right now and you might even be able to make your own out of an old coin!

So which of this summer's hottest trends are you planning on rocking? Comment down below which trend you liked the most and one trip or fun activity you're going on this summer! I'm nosey and I'd love to hear about your summer plans. Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more day-to-day posts and updates. Thanks for reading, friends! 

Georgie x

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