How To Accessorize Like a Fashion Blogger


Hello friends,

This fall I've been experimenting with different types of accessories and how to style them successfully.  Although I'm quite a minimalist when it comes to accessories, I do like to add touches here and there.  After researching how all of the most fashionable of fashion bloggers are styling their accessories, I've come up with my tips for successfully embellishing without going overboard!

Choose the Accessory that fits your style

First of all, you have to pick the accessory that best reflects your style and will be easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits.  Is it a watch, a necklace, a wrist full of bracelets, or some statement sunnies?  Fashion bloggers will always choose things that reflects their personal style.  Like I said earlier, I like to keep it simple when is comes to my accessories, so that my outfit can do all the talking.  The fall accessories I've been rocking the most are my go-to gold necklace, my gold Armitron watch, and a mini handbag.  

Let Your Outfit Shine

Next, focus on finding accessories that complements your outfit rather than competing with it.  Delicate accessories are very popular among fashion bloggers because they do just that.  


Wear A Solid Color on Top

In order for your accessories to get noticed, you should wear something solid on top.  If a fashion blogger wants to highlight a gorgeous accessory, they'll wear a crisp white button-up, a simple cozy sweater, or in my case, a solid colored statement top!  

Match your Accessories

The matching of colors and metals helps to tie the whole outfit together.  Use the accessories to your advantage in this way, and you'll be looking like a fashion blogger in no time!  In true fashionista form, I chose a black and gold bag to match my watch and sunglasses.  

Next time you're struggling in the accessory department, like I often do, think through these simple tips.  If you'd like to shop any of the pieces I'm wearing just scroll down below and click on the ones you're interested in.  As always, thank you for stopping by on your way through the interwebs.  I hope you have an amazing and stylish week!

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