Platinum Hair Care Routine

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How are you all doing on this lovely Sunday morning.  I hope you're doing well, and hopefully, you have more fall-worthy weather than I do!  Today, I'm going in-depth on going platinum blonde.  I'm covering the process of getting my hair to platinum, what I do on a daily basis, and what getting touch-ups is like; all the ins and outs, so read on if you'd like to learn about my personal experience with going platinum blonde. 

First I want to cover my tips on going platinum; the things I wished I'd known, things I did to prepare, and how my experience went.

1.) Do Your Research

Before going to get your hair done, I would research videos, blog posts, etc. of people who went from similar hair to yours to platinum.  Also look at famous people or bloggers with similar skin-tones to your own to see what type of platinum would suit you best (aka grey, white, or cream).  I chose a neutral white. 

2.) Assess the Strength of Your Hair

Is your hair in good shape?  If you already suffer from brittle, broken hair, I would not recommend putting your hair through the bleaching process.  You may have a lot of breakage and have to cut your hair a lot shorter than you'd like.  Get your hair in healthy shape before going platinum.

3.) Don't make any plans

Especially if your hair is a medium blonde or darker, it will take more than one bleaching session to get to platinum (and they recommend you wait two-three weeks to prevent extensive damage).  Don't make any big plans after getting your hair done.  Try to give yourself at least a week to do ground control.  

4.) Have Purple Shampoo Already

Have purple shampoo ready to go so that you can correct the yellowness of your do.  This was a life saver for me, since I was travelling to England just a day or two after the first bleaching session. 

5.) Get Touch-ups every 2-3 months

I recommend waiting no longer than 3 months before getting a touch up.  Although they are expensive, it is definitely worth it, in order to avoid striping and strange color patterns. 

Daily Hair Care Routine

 First off, I only wash my hair once a week, after getting my hair to this color.  It dries out your hair a bit, so you don't want to over dry it with washing.  When I do come to wash it, I will usually section my hair in a few sections so I get the purple in the spots that really need it.  I get in the shower and wet it.  Then, I cover my roots in my Joico Color Violet Endure Shampoo and pull some down my hair.  I will then leave that in my hair while I wash my face and body for a few minutes.  Next, I will massage in some Head & Shoulders to moisturize my scalp.  After rinsing away the shampoos, I will cover my hair (apart from my roots) in conditioner and leave for a few seconds.  Every other week, I will incorporate a hair mask into my routine too.   Below I've included all of my favorite products for you to check out!

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