Dress to Impress

Glasses:  Polette , Top: Forever21, Blazer: Banana Republic, Jeans:  Forever21 , Shoes: Old Navy

Glasses: Polette, Top: Forever21, Blazer: Banana Republic, Jeans: Forever21, Shoes: Old Navy

 Good morning everyone! 

This week, since some people have already returned to school and I'm heading back to university as well, I thought I'd talk about the importance of making a good first impression.  

Especially when it comes to going to a job or internship interview, making a good first impression is extremely important.  According to MindTools, a first impression can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo.  

What you wear is a huge part of a first impression. 

Here are a few tips on dressing to impress:

  • Throw on a blazer: A blazer can pull together nearly every outfit, so if nothing else pop one on for a more polished look.
  • Keep it comfortable: Don't wear anything you don't feel comfortable in.  It will show if you're fidgeting and uncomfortable. So stay polished, but be comfortable too. 
  • Be memorable: Stand out a little! This will help people remember you and think of you as more of an individual.
  • Simplicity always works: Keep it simple.  Wearing something too crazy will be distracting to both you and the potential employer.
  • Be yourself: Stay true to yourself and your personal style.  People want to see and appreciate the real you.
  • Smile: A positive attitude can make or break a first impression.  Don't forget the most simple thing you can do to come across well to a future friend, employer, etc. is to just smile!

Hopefully, these tips will help you nail your next first impression.  


To start my professional look, I chose a sleek pair of pink frames from Polette. Polette has some amazingly beautiful style for your eyes.  

I chose a striped crop top to match the color of the glasses and a classic pair of white mom jeans.  Remember not to wear jeans with rips or scuffs on them for any kind of interview.  This can come off as unkempt or untidy. 

I popped on an army green blazer from Banana Republic.  For a great blazer, I recommend checking Banana Republic or J. Crew.  I also recommend investing in a blazer because a well-made, classic blazer will last through the coming and going of years of other fashion trends.  A blazer like this is definitely worth paying a little extra.

For my feet,  I chose my rose gold flats.  I like to chose shoes I'm comfortable in, for interviews.  This way I'm not awkwardly trying to balance in shoes that are too high.  Choose a pair of shoes you can walk comfortably and feel confident in!

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I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to dress to impress.  Hopefully we can all make a great impression on our next first day of school or job interview.  I'd love to hear some of your tips! Comment below with your tip on dressing to impress. Thank you for reading along and I hope you come back for the next post! Feel free to subscribe if you'd like to be updated each time I have a new post. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Georgie xo