5 Trends You Need to Try This Autumn


Hello friends,

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I’ve been back up to Derbyshire visiting family and celebrating my great grandma, Doris’s 100th birthday. Feeling very proud to know such an amazing lady. Comment down below what you’ve been up to this weekend.

Anyway, this week I wanted to talk about some of the trends you should be expecting this fall winter season. Have a read below and comment which trends you’re going to give a try.

Unexpected Colour Palettes

One of my favorite colour combos, pink and green, and similar summery color combinations are now popping up everywhere for the fall/winter season. Pale yellows, lilacs, rich pinks, and minty greens are adding an unexpected pop to the usual duller autumnal palette. Here I wore my red and pink tee to add that pop to my own outfit.

Leather, Vinyl, and PU oh my!

The fabric trend of the season has got to be leather, vinyl and PU. The shiny materials are everywhere from trousers to coats to bags. It is the perfect contrast texture to your wooly jumpers. Pick yourself up some vinyl ASAP if you ask me. I have a black vinyl coat that has come back out just in time for these rainier months, and I recently picked up some shiny faux leather trousers that I think will be the perfect addition to my fall/winter wardrobe.


Obviously Tartan

The obvious contender for fall’s most fashionable pattern is still tartan. The classic print has carried over another year and this time in even more unbelievable and extravagant colour combos. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the pattern and can never get enough.

Coming in Clutch

The fast growing bag trend for this autumn has got to be the clutch. Everyone at Fashion Week seemed to be clutching their bags rather than slinging them over their shoulder. I still haven’t found the perfect clutch for me yet, but I’m on the look out, so if you see a gorgeous one send it my way.

Feathered Friends

A slow, but still rising, trend I’ve seen this season is feather embellishing. I’ve seen jeans with feathered hems, jackets with feathered cuffs, and hats with feathered brims. I’m thinking I might need to get my craft on and feather something of my own.

Thank you for reading this week’s post. Which trend do you think you’ll give a go? I think the brighter colour palette might be the easiest because you simply have to paur your brught summery bits with your fall accessories. Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more day-to-day updates. Check back next week for a new post and have a great week!

Georgie x