How to Style Ugly Sneakers

Outfit Details: Jacket: Topshop, Turtleneck: Joanie, Dress: Zara, Shoes: TK Maxx, Bag: Gucci

Outfit Details: Jacket: Topshop, Turtleneck: Joanie, Dress: Zara, Shoes: TK Maxx, Bag: Gucci

Happy Sunday,

How has your weekend and Thanksgiving been? Have you been rocking some killer fall/winter outfits? Comment down below what your current favorite winter outfit is! I’ve been up in Newcastle this week visiting my brother, exploring the city, and eating lots of food, most importantly of which was our Thanksgiving meal! Although we missed our Tennessee family, it was nice that Fergus and I got to spend it together and try out cooking it for ourselves! We did pretty well apart from our roasted veg could’ve been…well a bit more roasted! Anyway, the day after our Thanksgiving meal, Fergus took me touring around Newcastle and took some awesome shots for this week’s post featuring my ‘ugly’ sneakers!

We may call them ugly, but everyone who’s anyone in the fashion industry has been rocking these less-than-sleek babies, from Gigi Hadid to bloggers to models in the Louis Vuitton ads . They’ve also been called chunky trainers, dad shoes, and a fashion Frankenstein. There are obviously endless ways to rock them, but these are my top three ways I would recommend to pull off your own dad sneakers.

Plain Jane

The easiest way to rock a pair of out-there chunky trainers is to channel your inner model. If you refer to models and celebs, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, you’ll see that they typically pair quite simple casual looks with their ugly tennis shoes. If you’re hesitant on how to style them, I suggest going simple at first with a plain white tee or black long-sleeve tee and some skinny jeans. You could add a little statement with your jacket if you like, but keeping it basic is definitely the perfect way to dip your toe into the realm of the ugly sneaker.

Feminine Contrasting

For this post, I’ve decided to go with my personal favorite way to style them, which is with a feminine twist. I’ve styled them with more feminine pieces to counteract the boyish vibe they give off. This will help create balance within your look. Bloggers, like Song of Style, love to pair them with floaty dresses and skirts. I always love to contrast different styles, patterns, and shapes within my looks if you haven’t already noticed!


Sport It Out

The final way I recommend styling chunky trainers is to go all out sporty. If you’re a bit more comfortable in your sports gear than me, go with a head-to-toe athleisure look and the dad sneakers will definitely add to the look. I recommend a pair of leggings, a bomber jacket, and a cool adidas top!

Hopefully, now, you’re feeling brave enough to rock a dad sneaker for yourself! Just remember to keep it simple, contrast them with feminine pieces, or go all out sporty. Special thanks to my bro, Fergus, for taking these cool photos for me in Newcastle. As always, thank you so much for reading this week’s blog post and tune in next week for another!

Georgie x

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