Step Out of Your Closet Comfort Zone


Hello everyone,

How are you all feeling on this sunny Sunday morning?  I hope you're feeling confident and a little experimental, because I've been inspired by Dia & Co. to 'face my fashion fears', and I think you should too!  They've challenged me to wear an outfit/clothing item I might not normally have the confidence to wear, so I've decided to show a little more skin, wear some gorgeous colored sunnies, and some oh-so-badass boots.  

This outfit featured a couple out-of-my-comfort-zone elements.  I thought I might feel a little self-conscious wearing this, but instead I felt quite the opposite!  Wearing this gorgeous outfit has surprisingly made me feel more empowered.  The boots made me feel badass, the v-neck dress made me feel pretty and feminine, and the sunnies were of so cool.

After rocking this gorgeous outfit, I decided you guys should try to think outside your comfort zone too, to see how liberated and amazing you may feel!  Below I've included some ways you can try something new when it comes to your wardrobe.  


Show A Little More Skin

Of course I'm not talking about walking around in a bikini top and short-shorts here, but if you are at all self-concious about any parts of your body, I challenge you to show a little more skin than you usually do; it is summer afterall!  Let go of some of those worries that hold you back when it comes to your outfits, and you might start to feel a sense of freedom and acceptance of your body! Maybe you hate your arms or don't like to show too much leg, but in my case, I almost always avoid v-necks.  If you find a piece that you really really love, like in my case, but worry about showing too much skin, just give it a go! 

Wear a New Color

An awesome and pretty easy way to step out of your comfort zone, when it comes to style, is to try a color you normally avoid.  Who knows, you might find your new favorite color to wear, and your friends and family might notice your outfit more.  These WearMe Pro sunnies are not normally a shade I'd choose to wear, on my eyes or anywhere else, but they add that unexpected and gorgeous pop of color to this already colorful look!

Try a Different Style

If you're normally a boho girl, try a structured piece for a change.  If you're style is more grunge, try a little pop of pink or a dainty frill.  Trying something a little unexpected and you might merit yourself a little more attention than normal, in a good way! To try out a style I don't normally rock, I opted for these amazingly badass boots.  They may be a little more rock-and-roll than I usually go for, but I've completely fallen in love with them.  They add that little touch of rock-and-roll to any outfit, and contrast this floral girly dress perfectly.  


So, next time you go to throw on your favorite jeans and your go-to tee, try something a little out of your comfort zone for once.  Show a little more leg, wear a color you wouldn't normally choose, or try that new style you've always secretly wanted to give a go!  Leave a comment down below of the fashion fear you're planning to face!  I always love to hear your side of things too.  Thank you, as always, for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet.  I appreciate you all so much! If you'd like to see more of my face you can follow me on Instagram at @georgiemac3 or on Facebook @thestyletransplant!  Join me again next week for another cheeky post!

Georgie x

Outfit Details:

Dress: Zara, Boots: Topshop, Sunglasses: WearMe Pro, Bag: Style Encore Conway


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