How to Discover New Brands


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One of the ruts that we often fall into is simply buying from the same, well-known brands over and over and over again.  I can't say much myself, because they're convenient, always stocked, and have some pretty great prices, but they can begin to overtake our wardrobes.  Whether your go-to is Zara, Target, Forever21, Topshop, or Old Navy, we start to look like a walking advertisement for that brand, rather than creating our own unique blend of brands that define our personal style.  If you want to have a wardrobe that is more original and not exactly the same as the next girl, you have to put a little work and research into finding new and exciting brands!

Below are just a few of the habits you can get into that might help you find some one-of-a-kind pieces that deserve to be in your closet!


Check Out Your Local Boutique Scene

A great place to begin expanding your cliché closet is in your local boutiques.  Make a day of it by googling boutique and vintage stores around you and taking a friend to hit them up!  Boutiques often carry brands you might not be familiar with, and they always have some very unique pieces that you're less likely to see someone else with.


Look to Your favorite Instagram Celeb

Chances are you follow someone on social media whose style you really admire.  See if they wear any brands that you've never heard of and search through the brands on Instagram to get an even better vibe of their aesthetic.  


Search for You Favorite Style

Instagram, Pinterest, or a blogging site, like Bloglovin', is perfect for googling a certain style genre or certain clothing piece you're in the market for.  If you search on these sites, an unfamiliar brand or two is bound to crop up.  Look further on their websites to see if you might be interested.  


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