Get to Know Yourself (& Your Style)


Happy Sunday everyone,

How are you all doing?  I hope you're doing well, and hopefully you're on your summer holidays by now.  This one is a very interesting post to read on!

Most people have taken or will take the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator at least once in their life.  The MBTI is a personality test that determines your psychological preferences, how you view the world, and how you make decisions.  Recently, I've been doing research involving my senior project at university, which has lead me to taking it online.  I was very impressed and intrigued by the results.  Here is one online that I enjoyed taking, because it offers a lot of information about your personality, such as strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, and famous people who have the same personality as you.  Take the test and comment down below what you got!

After taking this quiz, I wanted to see if there was any way I could relate this to fashion.  Below I've listed each personality type and a defining piece that should be in there wardrobe!  Comment down below if you agree!



According to the test, you're bold, imaginative, and strong-willed leaders.  You need something in your closet that conveys that boldness and will help you achieve your goals.  I recommend a killer pencil skirt!


Your knowledge of emotions and your persuasiveness means you are born to bring people together.  You often become politicians, coaches, teachers, etc.  I recommend something that reflects your warm demeanor and ability to guide others.  You need a cozy sweater in your closet.


According to the test, you're the social butterflies of the group, with an amazing ability to stay in the loop and keep in touch with friends and loved ones.  You need a bold and trendy dress to reflect your bold personality and ability to stay current. 


You are all about efficiency, planning, and upholding order and tradition.  I recommend a classic trench coat, to pair with nearly any outfit and make you look put together.


You're the "debater".  You are smart and curious, and you never pass up a learning experience or intellectual challenge.  To challenge you even further and to keep you from getting bored, I recommend something daring and exciting like a metallic bag!


You're enthusiastic, creative, and always looking for the best in everyone and everything.  You need something that will make you and others smile, such as a gorgeous floral dress.


You're the entertainer, the class clown, and the storyteller.  The party is never boring around you!  I think you need a pair of statement earrings to attract even more intrigue that doubles as an awesome conversation starter!


You're energetic, smart, and very perceptive of people.  You love to be the center of attention and are always living on the edge.  I recommend a cool graphic tee to spark people's interest wherever you're life takes you.


You're typically reserved, but you're unquenchable thirst for knowledge, innovation, and invention will lead you anywhere.  You could always use a pair of trendy glasses to highlight your face and make you look almost as smart as you actually are!


Typically, you are kind, poetic, creative, and altruistic.  You're always eager to help people and find good causes to follow, even though you sometimes feel misunderstood.  You need a gorgeous a-line skirt, to reflect your creative and kind nature.


You live in the moment.  You're typically some kind of artist, who loves to explore, adventure, and experiencing new things!  I recommend an awesome denim jacket that you can add embroidered patches, pins, paint stains, and all kinds of memories to as you go along. 


According to the test, you're bold and smart experimenters, who can conquer any problem they set their mind to.  I recommend a leather jacket as an easy throw-on piece that will keep you looking cool. 


You are an imaginative, strategic thinker, and very goal-oriented.  You always have a plan.  I recommend some leather boots that not only look great but are very practical and long-lasting too!


You're typically quiet, sensitive, and stubborn, but you are also very strong-willed, creative, and inspiring.  You're not idle dreamers, but people capable of making concrete steps achieving your goals.  I recommend a classic blazer to reflect your determination to achieve your goals.


You're the "defender".  You're fiercely loyal, warm hearted, and always ready to stand up for your people.  You need a floaty kimono to show you're friendliness and loyalty.  


You're the upholder of tradition, and typically become police women, judges, and military personnel.  You're honest, responsible, and level-headed.  You need a classic pair of black heels to show your professionalism and class. 

Sunglasses: Forever21, Tshirt: Forever21, Blazer: Baukjen, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Ego Shoes, Backpack: Fiorelli

Sunglasses: Forever21, Tshirt: Forever21, Blazer: Baukjen, Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Ego Shoes, Backpack: Fiorelli

I have to admit, I am an INFJ to a tea.  I struggle with stubbornness and sensitivity, but  I hope my creativity and determination can help me reach my future goals.  

Did your personality match you and would you wear the piece I picked? Let me know in the comments below, your thoughts on your resutls.  I'm a sucker for these types of tests and hearing about everyone's results.  I hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to join me again here next week for another post!

Georgie x