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Hello lovelies,

How has your weekend been?  I hope it's been great and comment below what you've been up to.  Last week I talked about some of the most inspiring women in my life, so if you haven't read that yet, check it out here!  This week I wanted to talk about  one of my favorite outfits right now and why I think it works.

The Top

This scorpion top is from the one and only, Zara, of course!  I was looking for plain black tee alternatives and thought this one had just the right amount of sass.  It's just a jazzed up basic, but I love that! Why not take your classic, comfy tee and spice it up?

The Skirt

The great thing about this skirt is that it's a classic a-line shape.  The thing that makes this skirt a little more interesting is the gorgeous light turquoise-blue shade. 

The Boots

My little red beauties are quickly becoming one of my favorite purchases of the season.  They seem to be becoming part of my feet, because I never want to take them off!  What I love about these boots, is the nod to the 80s and the gorgeous red color which is so in right now.  These boots add the perfect pop of color that ties back into the scorpion detailing.  The oh-so-60s combination of the skirt and boots are also a welcomed relationship. 


the Accessories

Because the outfit made quite the statement, as usual, I decided to keep my accessories to a minimum.  The coolest new accessory I've been loving, are these Dior inspired tribal earrings.  I just think they're a bolder option to my usual tiny studs.  I added a small gold bracelet and my usual delicate gold necklace.  This is a dinosaur one that my bestie, Joud, got for me! (I'm actually in love with it and think it's hilariously cute.)

The Makeup & Hair

For my makeup, I kept it pretty classic with a small winged liner and poppy-red lip, but I chose to go for slicked back hair to give this look a more dramatic vibe.  I just used hairspray and mousse to get this effect.  This also helps show off my earrings!

As always, thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the world wide web.  It means a lot to have your lovely faces over here.  Leave a comment of what you think about this outfit and what you think is the most exciting part.  If you'd like to shop any of the items that make up this fun outfit, just scroll down or head over to my wardrobe page.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you'd like to see more of this crazy kid.  I hope you're having a great weekend and see you here again next weekend. 

Georgie x


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