Embellishing the Basics

Top:  Calvin Klein  at Urban Outfitters, Blazer:  Baukjen , Jeans:  Topshop , Scarf: my mom, Shoes:  Restricted Shoes , Bag:  Dezzal

Top: Calvin Klein at Urban Outfitters, Blazer: Baukjen, Jeans: Topshop, Scarf: my mom, Shoes: Restricted Shoes, Bag: Dezzal

Hello lovelies!

Thanks for joining me again, for another style post.  If any of you were missing your weekly style post after yesterday's beauty post, here you go!

For this post, I wanted to talk about some simple ways you can jazz up a basic outfit. By basics, I mean clothes we probably all have in our closet and probably wear constantly, like a classic pair of jeans or a graphic tee.  Of course we love these basics for a reason, but sometimes they can be a little boring without some embellishing.  So, I've come up with some easy ways to spice up a simple look.


First up, here are the details to every piece of my outfit and their corresponding links:

Top: Calvin Klein at Urban Outfitters, Blazer: Baukjen, Jeans: Topshop, Scarf: my mom, Shoes: Restricted Shoes, Bag: Dezzal

To create a simple base for my outfit,  I chose a white graphic tee with the simple black and white Clavin Klein logo.  I paired that with my favorite classic blue jeans from Topshop and a pinstriped blazer from Baukjen.  I wanted to keep the color palette simple, so I stuck to blues, whites, and blacks.



This can, of course, mean a few things.  For me, accessorizing basically means adding things to a base outfit, like a top and pants.  I include things like jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, bags, etc. in this category.  For this particular outfit, I accessorized with a neck-scarf around my ankle for an unexpected change.  I also brought out a very interesting square bag from Dezzal, which I love.  It almost reminds me of a retro lunchbox because of its shape.  It is also embroidered with gorgeous little flowers, which add another element to the outfit.  You could also accessorize by wearing a statement necklace, an interesting headband, or a cool belt.


You can amp up any basic outfit with eye catching kicks! I picked a killer pair of flats with cut-out detailing from Restricted shoes! These New Earth flats are the perfect fancy flat.  No need to wear an uncomfortable heel when you can pop on these little cuties! The lazer-cut-out detail of these, makes them so interesting.  Any pair of shoes that catch everyone's eye, will make a basic outfit all that more polished and interesting!

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IMG_0944 copy.jpg

Wear a New Hairstyle

Wearing a new and intricate hairstyle can be an easy (and free) way of injecting excitement into a basic outfit.  For my outfit, I decided to do three rows of french braids, inspired by Amber Fillerup Clarke of the Barefoot Blonde.  (You should definitely go check out her gorgeous blog!)


Thank you to everyone who joined me again for another style post! I hope you all enjoyed my tips on how to embellish a basic look and let me know in the comments what your favorite way to embellish is!

Georgie xo