Glasses Chic: Some Tips For Choosing the Right Frames

This week I thought I'd enlighten you with a cute, glasses look, along with it a few tips on choosing your own lenses.  I think that glasses should be used, like sunglasses, as an accessory, not just for convenience.  Sometimes, they are that piece you didn't even know you need to complete a look.  So, I hope you enjoy my chic look and maybe I can help you choose your perfect frames.

First, I'll talk about how to choose which glasses are the perfect fit for you.  The best way to decide which frames would make or break your look is based on your face shape.  Here are the tips for each face shape:

  • Round Face- square or rectangular frames help to slim and enhance a round face. (Find a trendy pair here)
  • Oval Face- glasses with a strong bridge that is wider that the face will help enhance an oval face's best features (Find some cool ones here!)
  • Square/ Rectangular Face- more rounded frames will help to soften the angularity of a square face (Find a great option here!)
  • Heart-Shaped Face-Frames that balance the width of the forehead with the narrowness of the chin are ideal. (Find some lovely ones here)

Because I have a slightly square/rectangular shaped face, I chose fairly rounded frames.  Another mistake that people occasionally make while choosing glasses is choosing frames that are too big and overwhelm your face.  Make sure the frames are the right fit.  For my face, these are about as large as I would go.  I love these frames because of how well they compliment my face shape and they're a lovely violet color.  Color can also impact how glasses will look on you.  You should choose a frame color that compliments both your eye color and skin tone.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

In addition to my purple frames, I decided to wear a sleeveless sweater and a flared black skirt.  I always use this sweater for transitional times, like fall or spring, since the combination of a sweater material and sleevelessness is such an unusual combination.  I love its uniqueness in this way too though.  I also love the high neck, and, for this look, I decided to tie a knot in the sweater to add a little more interest to the outfit.  Tying it also shows off the skirt a bit more.  I topped of the look with my go-to Cole Hann chelsea boots and this adorable bag from Topshop.

 Let me know in the comments if you guys have experimented with any cool frames!  Remember to follow me on Instagram if you're interested in seeing more of my face haha. Thank you so much for reading this week's post and I hope you all have an amazing week.

Georgie xo