Winter Accessories That Will Elevate Your Look

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Since we actually had some wintery weather last weekend, I have picked some cold-weather accessories that are both cozy and cool. As far as accessories go, I like to keep it pretty simple.  I usually pick just one or two statement accessories per outfit.  So I thought I'd give you a run down of a few of the winter exclusive accessories I'm using to amp up my style.

First I chose this amazing statement scarf.  I have found that this gift, is perfect for transforming nearly every coat.  It is both fashionable and functional, as I have learned it keeps me so cozy! For a girl who is literally always cold, this scarf is a life-saver.

Also, take a fashion tip from Gigi Hadid, but instead of buying a completely new fur collared coat, just add this scarf to one you already have, and it will completely transform it (and you're one step closer to becoming Gigi which is basically my life goal). This scarf can take your coat from just functional, to fashionable as well.

Next I chose a couple very different pairs of gloves.

The first pair are these red leather gloves with tiny silver studs.  They have an almost quilted look to them. I love to add these for a pop of color to a monochromatic winter look, especially if they match my lipstick (which if you couldn't tell, I was very excited about lol).

[Gloves: Target]

The next pair of gloves are pretty fabulous since the cuffs are covered in fur. Faux fur anything is very much on trend at the moment, so why not!  These gloves add an interesting texture to a simple look and because they are black, they are still somewhat subtle.  I've been wearing these all the time!

[Gloves: Forever21]

Finally, I wanted to add an accessory that was a little more low-key and fun.  This hat is perfect for your lazy, bad-hair-day day.  It makes any outfit a little more interesting and fun.  With the double pom-poms, this beanie makes me laugh and I love it.  I chose it in black too, because it will go with anything and the simple color contrasts nicely to the unique style of the hat.  If you have fun wearing it, then you should wear it, so here's me looking like a panda.


[Hat: Altar'd State]

Thank you all so much for reading and expect another post from me this time next week!

Georgie xo