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Stepping Out of My Style Comfort Zone in Milan

Fergus and I have just returned from Milan! We had an amazing little trip, exploring the city and visiting my Italian pals. I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a quick city break! If you have any questions about our Milan visit, comment them down below, because I’ll probably be answering them in my next post with my mini guide to Milan.

For this week’s post, I wanted to try to challenge myself and my typical style in Milan! Often, I find myself getting into a fashion rut and just wearing a similar combination of clothing over and over, so every now and then, I think I’ve got to break out of the routine.

A piece of clothing a usually shy away from is the midi skirt. I’ve long admired the midi skirts and dresses on the likes of my taller friends, celebs, and models, but I’ve always felt that I was too short too pull one off. Since I’m always preaching that anyone can wear anything though, I thought I should test myself to do the same!

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Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

Speaking of making it... I thought it was about time I share some of my favorite fashion bloggers.  These are some of bloggers that have really made it in the fashion world.  This is where I find inspiration and motivation to keep blogging and improving!

I have included my personal favorite bloggers and they have various numbers of followers ranging from 90k to 4 million.  I just chose the ones that inspire me the most, not necessarily the most famous bloggers. (Bloggers photos will be in the same order as their name.)

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