The Sheer Audacity


Hey Friends,

Hope you’re having a lovely week so far. Have you been up to anything exciting? I’ve spent the weekend with my lovely friend, Jade. We did a little bit of shopping, some hot tubbing, and a lot of eating. What more could a gal want, right? I also, much to my dismay, finished my new favorite show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, get on it this week. It’s a must see in my book, between the gorgeous 50s outfits and the amazing soundtrack, not to mention it’s hilarious! Do you have any good binge-worthy recommendations? If so, leave them below. Anyway, on to this week’s blog post, because that’s what you’re all really here for, not to hear my ramble on about what I’ve been binge watching last week.

This week’s blog post is surprisingly all about a fabric; I promise it’s not as boring as it sounds lol. Surely, you’ve noticed the rise of sheer fabrics these past few months. Organza has made an incredible resurgence from the 80s, thanks to brands like Zara and Topshop. The sheer fabric allows for even more creativity when it comes to your outfit, and I’ve been testing the new trend out for myself. Below are the reasons I think it’s such a fun fabric to spice up your autumn wardrobe.


Layer Play

The beauty of a sheer blouse is that you can put any colour underneath to completely transform the top. Layering is your new best friend with a piece like this in your wardrobe. I went for a lime colour to compliment the blue denim of my skirt.

Ballet of Poofiness

Is poofiness a word? I’m not quite sure, but it is in my dictionary. You all know I’m a fan or a poofy sleeve here and there, and organza is the perfect fabric for adding volume to your look. I love the tapered cuffs that counteract the voluminous sleeves on my top.

Femininity for the Win

Femininity is the name of the game when it comes to organza. The delicate fabric oozes romance and looks expensive despite its fragility. If you want to add a bit of unexpected femininty to your wardrobe, I definitely recommend organza.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s blog post. Do you think you’ll give something sheer a try? You can shop some of my favorite organza blouses below if you are at all interested. Remember to follow me on social media for day-to-day posts about what I’m up to. Remember this weekend is London Fashion Week which means my bi-annual fashion week post is just around the corner. I promise I’ll take loads of photos for you guys. Special shout out to Lucy for taking this gorg photos for my at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Have a great week!

Georgie x

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