London Fashion Week SS20 Recap

Neave and I in our coordinating outfits.

Neave and I in our coordinating outfits.

Happy Sunday friends,

Hope you’re cozying up and watching a film or having a lovely walk in the evening sunshine. Sorry I missed last week’s post. It was a bit of a hectic one, I’m not going to lie. Last weekend was London Fashion Week SS20 of course, and this season I was lucky enough to have my lovely cousin, Neave, down to experience it with me. We squeezed in as much as possible. As usual, it was incredibly inspiring and exciting. I think Neave enjoyed it as well. Below is a bit of a recap of what we got up to.

Day 1: Saturday September 14th

Day 1 was the busiest day for us. We started off with some pancakes to fuel us throughout the day, and then we set off to Covent Garden where most of the emerging designers’ shows are. We squeezed in something like seven shows, some of which contained more than one designers’ work. I definitely threw Neave into the fashion deep end as it were (Hopefully, I didn’t completely exhaust her lol). Our first shows were of emerging designers at Fashion Scout which is exciting because they always show something unexpected. SHOPYTE was probably our favorite of the day because of the embellished hats and lovely color palette of pinks and turquoises. We ended the day with a much needed curry takeaway while we planned our outfits for the next morning and watched Monster’s INC.

Day 2: Sunday September 15th

To get our minds off our aching feet, we started off the next day with a much needed coffee and pastry as we headed out to our first show of the day. Again, we started at Fashion Scout, and then we went to Oxford School of Fashion to see another show. At the Oxford School of Fashion, we were actually put in the front row so we had an amazing view and felt very important! (We were not sure if it was an accident or what haha.) The show was made up of seven different designers, so we got to see so much at once and so close up. It was such an amazing experience. I think my favorite of those seven was Point Zero One. They somehow made all monochrome outfits looks incredibly interesting and different. Unfortunately, Neave had to head home in the afternoon, so we ran from the show to the train station in true fashion week form.


Day 3: Monday September 16th

On Monday, I had a show to help with at work. The brand is Edeline Lee and the show was on official LFW schedule which was exciting. I was in charge of getting all Instagram coverage during the show. I didn’t mind though because it meant I could wander around a bit, explore different areas of the venue,and see the show for myself. The show consisted of the usual models walking down the runway, but there were also actors acting in different areas on the catwalk which made it a show to remember. It was definitely different than anything else I’ve seen.

Thank you for reading this week’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading about what Neave and I got up to last weekend during LFW. It really is an experience like nothing else. I know some of the photos aren’t amazing, but we tried our best to really capture some good shots from each designer we saw, which means I obviously took loads. I had a rough time choosing which ones should make the cut for this post. If you’re interested in fashion weeks and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, because I’d love to answer them if I can. Anyway, remember to check back next Sunday for a new post and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates in the mean time.

Georgie x