The Boiler-suit: From Utility to Trendy


Happy Sunday friends,

How are you all doing on this chilly January evening? I can’t believe that January is already almost over. Its flown by for me, but I bet some of you would argue that it’s been the longest month ever. Anyway, I guess we should leave behind the topic of chilly Januarys and get back to the topic we’re all here to talk about, fashion!

One of the rising trends I’ve seen this winter/spring season is the oh-so-unexpected boiler-suit! That’s right, they’ve come back around and are extremely on trend again. It somehow joins casual and chic, utility and trendiness for a delightfully unexpected look! Here are some of the reasons I love a boiler-suit, and why I think you might too!

The Ease of It

Not only are boiler-suits comfortable, they’re easy! Throw on a boiler-suit and you pretty much have a whole outfit sorted. You simply have to decide if you’d rather cas it up with some chunky trainers or chic it up with some pointy heels. For my particular outfit, I decided to go with a glittery long sleeve body suit, some pointed white boots, and a beaded zebra bag for some added pattern and texture. Similarly to a normal jumpsuit, the boiler-suit should be your outfit of choice if you’re looking for an effortless look.


A Powerful Piece

I don’t what it is about the all-in-one outfit, but when I throw it on, I feel powerful and ready for anything that comes my way! I might not be changing tires in my boiler-suit, but I feel like a modern day ‘Rosie the Riveter’. This outfit was made for the girl-boss in you!

Layering’s Best Friend

The great thing about this one-piece-wonder is that you can literally throw it on and go, but it’s also the kind of piece you can spice up a bit as well! It’s so easy to layer a things under or over boiler-suits. I layered a glittery bodysuit under mine for a jazzy contrast to the utilitarian denim, but you can also wear different belts and jackets to spice up a boiler-suit.

Outfit Details: Boiler-suit: Topshop, Bodysuit: H&M, Bag: Topshop, Shoes: Office Shoes, Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses: Stradivarius

Thank you so much for reading this week’s blog post! Are you ready to rock a boiler-suit this season? I know it might be a bit of an intimidating piece to rock, but if you think of it more like a jumpsuit, it becomes a bit less scary! Special thank you to the lovely Zoe for taking these photos for me! She’s such a lovely human and amazingly talented. Remember to check out Zoe on Instagram here to see some of her work! While you’re there, check out my Instagram too so we can connect! Also, remember to check back here next week for another blog post!

Georgie x

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