Stress Relievers For Creatives


Happy Sunday fellow fashionistas and creatives,

I hope you’re all having a very productive and creatively fulfilling week! I’m finally feeling a little calmer and more confident about my future. I know January can be a stressful month, and it definitely has been a hard one for me, so I thought I’d create a list of stress relieving activities that help clear your stressed brain and get you thinking a little more creatively.

Doodle/Draw for 30 Minutes

My first and easiest tip is taking a simple thirty minutes out of your day to sit down and just doodle or draw. It can be insanely stress relieving. Just clear your head and begin doodling whatever pops into your freshly cleared mind! Don’t stop for that thirty minutes and make sure nothing else distracts you. Even if your doodles don’t make sense, don’t look ‘good’, or don’t really look like anything, it’s totally ok. It’s more about the act of doodling than what the doodles turn out like.

Have a Walk Around Photography Hour

If you have an hour to spare one day or on the weekend, walk around your town or city taking photos of anything and everything that intrigues you. You can obviously spend longer if you have the time. This is a great weekly practice to add to your routine and will really help get the creative juices flowing. I recommend doing this on a Sunday if you can so that you can start your week the next day feeling inspired by your photos.


Learn a New Creative Skill/Hobby

Putting in a little bit of time each day to work on learning a new creative hobby can be a great stress reliever and inspiring practice. My goal for this year is to learn to embroider! (I can’t wait to embroider some of my denim jackets!) I think creative, simple hobbies, like this, are great for clearing your mind of other stressful thoughts.

Create A Pinterest Board of a Specific Color Palette

Something I find incredibly calming is assigning yourself a little Pinterest board project! I like to pick a specific color palette and start adding things within the color scheme that I’ve chosen until I have a folder full of satisfying, matching photos. This will help relieve stress, but also help you explore unexpected ways of combining color whether it comes to your outfits, home decor, or even colorful meals.

I hope you feel a little more prepared when it comes to your stress relieving skills now. These little activities will get your creative juices flowing and your stress level down. I recommend trying to squeeze one or two of these activities into your week especially if you work in a creative industry and rely on inspiration a lot. Thank you so much for reading this Sunday’s post and keep an eye out for an exciting one next week, more about fashion again, shot by Zoe Griffin! Have a creative and stress free week!

Georgie x

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