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Good Afternoon lovelies!

How has your week been? I've had another London packed week I must admit and I'm feeling too lucky to be here experiencing this, although I think I'm wearing myself out a bit haha! While walking around running errands for my internship, I stumbled upon some really amazing vintage and second-hand shops in the Shoreditch area! It reminded me of this gorgeous, Gianni Bini dress I found for a steal, second-hand at my old work, Style Encore Conway, which is a gently-used women's clothing shop! ( I miss that place and my work pals so so much and finding amazing steals of course!) In this post, I wanted to talk about the benefits of shopping second-hand, vintage, or consignment clothes for both your own wallet and the planet! 

Spare Yourself Some Cash

The best thing about shopping at consignment or vintage shops is that you will usually save yourself some hard earned cash, and who doesn't want that?! Instead of paying $300 for a new All Saints leather jacket or $200 for a new Levis denim jacket, check out your local stores because they're bound to have something you'll love for a much better price. 

Save The Planet

Something we often don't think about as consumers of fashion is the toll the fashion industry takes on the planet. It's unfortunately a very wasteful industry a lot of the time. I know it can be hard to commit to shopping only at eco-friendly options, but if you shop second-hand or vintage every now and then you're still helping the planet a little bit. It's like recycling for clothes! (You can also shop from brands that recycle and are conscious about the planet, like Madewell recycles jeans for a discount, so if you need new jeans take in your old ones! HM makes some clothing using less water and less wasted materials. Zara has the Join Life collection that promotes a more sustainable future and they also use recycled materials for their packaging.) Just pay a little more attention as a fashion consumer and you'll be doing your part for this little place we call Earth. 


The Excitement of finding a gem for a steal

The most rewarding thing about shopping second-hand or gently-used is finding a great brand or vintage piece for a bargain! One of my friends has found a Gucci belt, another friend found a Hermes scarf, at Style Encore you can find Louis Vuitton bags sometimes, and even Louboutin heels! 

Some great places to look for good second-hand finds include, thrift shops, consignment shops, vintage store, Style Encore, Plato's Closet, Goodwill, eBay, Poshmark (I got some Raybans for $60 from $160 on here), Depop, Vestiaire collective for luxury second-hand items, and so many more places!

Next time you're looking for that perfect 90s tube top or those 60s ankle boots, check your local vintage or second-hand shop just in case they have the perfect gem just waiting for you! If you want to shop my outfit below I've found some similar items, but I definitely recommend finding your local consignment store, Style Encore, or vintage shop! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy weekend, or whenever you're reading this, to read my little posts! I love you all so much for doing so! Check back next week for another post about the print of the season and one I've been rocking far too much, cheetah print or leopard print.

Georgie x

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