Pattern Play


Hello lovely readers,

I hope you've all survived the work-week and are enjoying your weekend!  I'm in a great mood because the sun has been shining and there's been a lovely breeze blowing through.  Also to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!  I don't know what I'd do without my mom/best friend/biggest supporter, so make sure you treat your mom well and thank her for raising you into the lovely, stylish person you are today.

Now onto this week's style post!  What's more summery than a bit of pattern mixing?  I know one of the most challenging trends can be mixing and matching patterns, without coming off as a crazy bag lady...So, below are my tips for mixing different patterns, and still looking like a your stylish and sane. 


Using a larger more graphic pattern to contrast a smaller pattern, like I did below, is a great way to make pattern mixing successful.  If you use patterns that are too similar in size they can blend together and get muddy, rather than highlighting each other.  I used a larger striped print and a smaller print to contrast that!

Romper: Zara (Style Encore), Bag: Monroe Boutique, Shoes: Zara, Socks: Target, Sunglasses: Forever21

Romper: Zara (Style Encore), Bag: Monroe Boutique, Shoes: Zara, Socks: Target, Sunglasses: Forever21



Use a common color to unite the patterns.  I used a light blue to relate my two patterns, which really helped the outfit come together.  I then used other colors that were in the romper for my other accessories, like my purse and shoes. 

Combine with NEUTRALS

After finding your perfect patterns, use neutrals to make them stand out and to avoid getting too crazy.  I used a nude pair of shoes from Zara as my neutral.

Next time you see the amazing pattern mixing of your favorite bloggers and celebrities, don't be intimidated!  Use these tips to make pattern mixing work for your style.  If you have any other questions or comments about pattern mixing, please leave a comment below!  I always enjoying reading your feedback.  Again, Happy Mother's Day to all those lovely mothers out there.  Thank you so much for reading and be sure to join me again next week for another post!

Georgie x