My Month With Bioclarity


Good morning friends!

I know this is not my usual post day, but I just wanted to do an extra post because I had a little free time! I am going to try and do a beauty post mid-week every now and then just to mix it up a bit now that I have more time in the summer.

First of all, for those of you who also suffer with acne, I feel your pain! It's such a confidence destroyer sometimes, but remember, there is a solution for everyone out there.  I recommend trying different acne systems, spot treatments, and maybe even try a birth control to help with hormonal breakouts.  There are thousands of options, so never give up trying to find the right one for you.  Another important thing to remember is that pretty much everyone as some point in their life suffers with acne, so no one is judging you.  Most of the time, other people won't even notice the spots that seem so obvious to you.  It's a normal part of life and sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of that.

Starting out with BioClarity, I was having a very rough time with my skin.  My chin and cheeks were in constant breakout mode, and it was miserable.  The system itself was very easy to use.  All you have to do is use the three steps in order.  The cleanser was gentle and very similar to other natural clear cleansers I've used before.  Step 2, which is the treatment, was ok at drying out/ clearing up my spots, but it wasn't the best spot treatment I've ever used.  Step 3, was amazing at reducing redness in my skin, because it is literally green.  I also felt as though it primed my skin quite well for moisturizer and makeup.  Overall, I liked the feel, texture, and smell of the products, and they did what they claimed within reason!


Over the four weeks I used BioClarity, I did see some minor improvements in my skin.  The amount of spots I was getting was reduced and the redness was definitely much better.  I felt like the products didn't irritate my skin at all and they helped to soothe it.  There wasn't really much dark spot/scar improvement, so I had to use another product for that.  That is usually to be expected from a three-step system, though.  I was, overall impressed, with BioClarity and I love that is is made of natural ingredients.  

In conclusion, did Bioclarity completely cure my acne? No, but it did help calm my skin, reduce redness, and reduce the amount of spots I was getting.  It is a natural and gentle system, and I recommend everyone give it a go!  BioClarity kindly gave me a code to share with you guys, so use code STYLE to get 50% off your first month! (Click here to view their website.) If you have any other questions about products I use for my face or my skin journey, feel free to leave them in the comments! Know that you're not alone in your struggle with acne and be sure to come back on Sunday for my usual fashion post!

Georgie x