The Print of the Season: Gingham

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Good morning,

I hope this mid-week post as opposed to my Sunday post didn't throw you off too much!  Due to an overwhelming amount of school work and some crazy, inclement weather, I had to push the post back to today.  I know..excuses..excuses, but let's get on with this post, and just maybe you can forgive me.

Spring 2017 has a bigger star print than the usual floral that floods the season.  Let me introduce you to the print of the season...Gingham!  This fresh, crisp print is an easy trend that we should all try to get on board with.  This classic pattern is turning up everywhere, and let me tell you, there are a million ways to wear it!

Below I've included a range of different pieces that will help you include a bit of this black and white print in your wardrobe.  There is sure to be one that complements your personal style!


Try the Trend:

Outfit Details: Top:  Make Me Chic , Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Restricted Shoes, Bag: Zara

Outfit Details: Top: Make Me Chic, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Restricted Shoes, Bag: Zara

For my gingham look, I decided to go with a blouse, from Make Me Chic, because I feel as though statement tops are always a little easier to pull off than statement bottoms.  Of course, I couldn't go too simple, so I chose a top with massive statement sleeves, just to include another one of the season's hottest trends.  I paired it with my Topshop mom jeans and my Restricted black flats for a casual vibe.  But, let's be honest, the real show-stopper here is this gorgeous, mini bag from Zara.  I'm totally in love with everything from the size, to the color, to the amazing gold, bee embellishments.  This bag is my go-to statement bag of the season. 

Before I finish off this blog post, I have some good news to share with you guys! I am the new fashion writer for a local magazine, 501 Life!  I'm so proud and excited to be doing this! If you haven't read the article yet, or you don't think you can get a copy, here is the link

I hope you enjoyed this post and check back in on Sunday to see another new post! Leave a comment down below with feedback about the article or if you're going to try the gingham trend!  I always love to know what you think. Have a great weekend!

Georgie x

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