The Importence of Making a List Before Shopping

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Hello everyone! Since MLK Jr. day was last weekend and there was an abundance of sales, I've decided to make today's blog post about how important it is to make a list before going shopping.  If you are on any kind of budget and also a shoppaholic (like me), you know that overspending or forgetting what you came for is extremely easy.  But reflecting on my most recent shopping outing, last weekend, I realized how much my 'list' really helped me. So I started this list, in the notes on my phone, of things I want (they're not necessities haha) to help me remember these things for a few reasons.

Number one, when birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries do roll around and people ask me what I would like, I have a list I can go to to remember some things I've been wanting.  I usually keep a good list of items within different price ranges, for instances like this.  This helps people out, because they generally want to buy you something that you'd really appreciate or enjoy.  This avoids the awkward "Oh! Thank you so much....!" response you force out of your mouth one pitch higher than usual, to avoid harming the gifter's feelings.  So if someone's asking, be prepared so that both them and you are happy in the end.


Number two, when I go shopping myself, having my go-to list keeps me focused and on track.  We have all been shopping away at some point or another, only to go through our purchases back at home and think 'why on Earth did I buy this!'  In the moment you probably saw it on a mannequin and thought it looked amazing, but now that you're not under the twinkly chandeliers of Forever21, you have no idea what you were thinking. Having your list helps you to avoid purchases like this.  You also won't drive all the way home from the mall and then remember you needed a white turtleneck to go with that skirt.  The list keeps frustration, guilt, and confusion down to a minimum.

Number three, how many times have you thought of things you need or want, but want to wait until your next pay check, or want to wait until it goes on sale, then when you do have money or there is a sale, you can't even remember what is was you wanted?  This happened to me frequently before I started making my list, about a year ago.  The list helps you remember things you want, whether they are little or big, without having to wrack your brain for that one thing you wanted when you were at that one place and saw that one thing.


So now get to making your own wish list!

Georgie xo