Tie-dye the Trendy Way


Hello friends,

I’m back! I’ve been so busy the past few weeks. I’m so sorry I’ve missed a couple posts. Between my friend, Megan, visiting me in London and flying back to the US this week for my other friend, Amber’s wedding, I’ve been a very busy bee. I don’t really know how I’m still standing to be honest. I think tomorrow calls for some relaxing lemonade sipping by the pool.

This week, I thought I’d talk about the trendy but tricky trend, tie-dye. This is one of the fastest growing trends of the summer season, so I thought it was only appropriate that I come up with some tips for pulling it off and looking amazing while doing it. It may initially make you think of that tie-dye t-shirt you made at summer camp when you were a kid, but fear not! There is in fact a way to try the trend without looking like you’re dressing up for a hippie themed party.

Simple Color Scheme

My first trick for finding a more sophisticated tie-dye piece is going for a neutral or simple color scheme. Multiple, rainbow type colors are what leads to a more childish vibe, so stay away from those. I chose this top because I liked the neutral colors, and I knew I’d have an easier time of finding pieces to pair with it. It looked like more of a grown-up tie-dye to me.


Tailored or Fitted

To step away from that camp t-shirt vibe, I suggest going for something a little more fitted or tailored. This, again, add some sophistication to an otherwise quite playful and unexpected print.

Avoid Other 60s/70s Reminiscent Trends

The worst thing you could do while rocking tie-dye is pair it with a peace sign necklace and a pair of flared trousers. I definitely recommend staying away from those eras when choosing silhouettes and trends while you’re putting together your tie-dye outfit. Too many trends from those eras will make people think you’re going to a themed party or something and we don’t want that!

Choose An Unexpected Pattern

Rather than choosing the usual tie-dye spray, I recommend going for something a bit less traditional. Tie-dye stripes, ombre, or even circles and less expected and adds interest to an outfit.

Do you think you’ll give the tie-dye trend a go? I hope I made you feel like it was a bit less intimidating after reading this post. Shop some Georgie-approved tie-dye below. Special shout out to Megan for taking my photos for me when she was visiting me in London. She’s such a keeper. Check her instagram out here and while you’re there tell her to move to London already haha. Anyway, check back next Sunday for another post! I promise I’m getting back on schedule now. Have a great week!

Georgie x


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