Conquering my Fear of Flares


Happy Sunday,

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Hopefully today has been a good reset day for the week ahead. I’ve spent the day with my brother exploring the one of the best vintage markets in London and eating amazing food. I love showing the people I love around the city I love!

As you, probably know all too well by now, I enjoy giving myself a good fashion challenge, and this week is no different. This week, I’m conquering another one of my fashion fears; the 70s classic, flares! This particular pair is from H&M, and I thought the cream color would be great for spring/summer. Below are some of my tips on how to make flares look flattering and fashion forward for even the most fearful of fashionistas.

Pointed Toes

Since these wide legged babies cover up most of your shoes, you need a bit of a pointed toe to peek out and lengthen your leg. A bit of a heel can help too. Sometimes flat rounded shoes can give a bit of a 90s college kid vibe and we don’t want that.

cropped on top

With wide legs it’s always better to juxtapose that with less volume on top, so I recommend something cropped or more fitted. Think Jackie’s, from That 70s Show, wardrobe and you’ll def be on the right track with your flared friends. More on the bottom should equal less on top!


Keep your flares simple

I think the easiest way to introduce a pair of flares into your wardrobe is to go for a plain color, like I did, in choosing cream. This will seam less intimidating and since flares are quite voluminous, you don’t want to overwhelm an outfit with too much print or pattern. Also flares can look a bit costumey depending on their print.

Belt it

If you’re not a cropped kind of gal, there are other flattering ways to give the same effect by means of a belt! Belting your flares accentuates your waist and makes the flares look a bit more thought out and intentional.

Skimming the Street

When shopping for your first pair of wide legged trousers, getting the right length is key! They should be within a couple inches off the ground when wearing the shoes you plan to wear with them which, most likely, have a bit of a heel.

Those are my little tips for trying out flares for yourself! Do you think you’ll give them another go? The cropped kick flare is a great, more subtle option to try out too if you want to be a bit more cautious. Comment below if you have a fashion fear that you’re planning on conquering this year! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates and what I’m up to on a daily basis. Thank you for reading my little fashion ramblings every week. It really means the world to me.

Georgie x

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