I Didn't Buy Any Clothes for a Whole Month and Here's What I Learned


Hello friends,

What have you been up to over this warm weekend? Have you been taking advantage of the lovely weather?

Much to your surprise, I have not bought a single item of clothing in a whole month! I have to admit I am a bit proud of myself. I know, I know, a month is not that long, when you’re living in London and constantly tempted it is hard. Anyway, I was inspired by my idol, Megan Ellaby, and the fact that I need to save some cash here in London. To survive off my current wardrobe so to speak, rather than adding things here and there, was the challenge. These are the things I learned along the way.

To Spend Smarter

During this sometimes painful process, I’ve learned to be a lot smarter about what I spend my money on and to not be so tempted or swayed by the fast fashion market. It hasn’t been easy, especially since I’m walking up and down Oxford Circus, arguably one of the best places to shop in the world, everyday to work. “Do I really need this?” was a question I used very frequently to avoid buying things I don’t really need.


To Give More to the People I love

While I wasn’t buying for myself, I did find myself buying for my friends and family a little bit more which, honestly, gave me so much more fulfillment. I already love buying presents for others, and with spending less on myself, it was nice to share the love.

To get more creative

Working with what I’ve got became my main motto as I set myself on this little challenge. I had to be more creative with my current wardrobe and make things work for an outfit rather than buying something for a certain idea or something. I created new combinations that I hadn’t thought to try before from the clothes I already own.

To fall back in love with my wardrobe

While I still love adding to my wardrobe, revisiting pieces I already own was so nice. I felt like I was discovering why I bought them all over again.

Do you think you could do a no-clothes-buying challenge? What length of time would you set yourself? Comment down below how you think you’d do! If you have any other ideas or challenges you think I should set for myself next week comment those too! Sending a thank you to Lucy, again for taking these photos! Thank you for reading this week’s post! It means the most to me, you know. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! Check back next week for a new post too!

Georgie x

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