How to Throw the Perfect British Tea Party


Happy Sunday friends,

How are all of you doing today? Did you tune in to watch the British Royal Wedding yesterday? It was so gorgeous wasn't it? Meghan's dress was exactly what I predicted, but the veil with the Common Wealth flowers embroidered around the edge was a lovely surprise. Anyway, on account of the Royal Wedding, we hosted our very own tea party, and I thought it would be perfect to do a blog post all about how to throw your very own tea party! Here are the menu must haves, the decor, and the dress code, which when combined will make for the British Tea Party of your dreams!

Tea Party Menu Must Have's

  • Tea...obviously, traditionally English breakfast tea or earl grey would be the teas served. 
  • Finger sandwiches- typically cumber, egg & watercress, cooked ham, or salmon, but as long as your sandwiches are small and not messy to eat you can make them whatever sandwich flavor you enjoy the most.
  • Mini cakes- scones, mini Victoria sponges, petite fours, mini eclairs, tartlets, or macaroons; as long as you can make it tiny you can get away with it.
  • Fresh strawberries or jam are a must for your scones
  • Other small snacks- mini quiches, cheese and crackers, 


  • An ornate tea set, perhaps that your grandma left behind or you found in an antique shop, will do the trick for serving your tea and dainty dishes.
  • Bunting of some fashion, especially British flags like ours, is always a must. Bunting is a form of decor used at many British celebrations and definitely jazzes up any occasion.
  • Flowers are another symbol of a British tea party. They make you think of spring and all that British rain brings the most beautiful blooms.

Dress Code

  • A spring dress- A cute dress with a floral pattern or bright color is a must for a traditional tea party.
  • Low heels- This is the perfect occasion for your kitten heels. You want to look put together without walking around like a t-rex on those heels that are way to high for you.
  • A hat- If you're going all out, a hat is a great finishing touch to the perfect English tea party, (especially if it's outside and you need a little extra shade)!

Thank you so much for reading this week's blog post. Be sure to leave a comment of your favorite tea party nibbles and what you'd wear to your own tea party! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @thestyletransplant and on Facebook at the Style Transplant for more daily posts and updates! Tune in again next week for another post too.

Georgie x

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