Color Forecast: Spring 2018


Hello and happy Sunday!

How has your weekend been this week? A lot of people are on spring break this week or next, so comment down below if you went or are going anywhere cool! Spring break means it's officially spring right?..even if it might snow this week lol.

Today, in celebration of the blooming spring flowers, we're talking all things color.  After doing some research on last month's various fashion weeks, upcoming decor trends, and Pantone's official color forecast, I've created a condensed guide to the colors you need to be rocking this spring and which ones will suit you the best!  (If you want a little throwback, check out last year's color forecast post.) According to the color professionals at Pantone, these are the colors to look out for:

Pink Lavender

This color looks amazing on most skin tones and hair colors. It's easy to pull off and is the perfect shade for the spring season. 

Ultra Violet

 This is the color of the year, if you didn't already know, so I'm sure we will start seeing it everywhere! It looks great on darker skin tones and with dark hair.  If you find yourself drawn to jewel tones, like royal blue, this color is perfect for you!


Nile Green

 This color is a little bit harder to pull off and looks great if you have a rich skin tone or tan easily. If you have pale skin, like me, I recommend wearing this color on your bottom half, away from your face, so it doesn't wash you out or make you look sickly.

Meadowlark Yellow

 This color looks amazing on people with darker hair especially with cool or neutral skin tones.  If you are a blonde or have a yellow skin tone, I suggest accessorizing with this color or wearing little pops of it rather than full pieces.

Since I don't particularly suit true purple or yellow, I've decided to rock lavenders and light pinks like this ,top from Zara. I'm also sporting various shades of green like my H&M trousers, and matching Monroe Boutique bag. 

So which of these colors are you going to try rocking first? I think the pinkish lavender is my best bet! I know I say this every week, but I am truly grateful to those of you who read my blog posts each week. If you know anyone else who my appreciate or benefit from my blog, do me a favor and spread the word! That would be amazing! To see what I'm up to on a daily basis, head over to my Instagram and Facebook pages.  Special shout out to my mom for taking these lovely photos for me! :)

Georgie x


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