A Look Back at 2018..Did I Achieve My Goals?

Outfit Details: Top: Monki, Jeans: Stradivarius, Boots: Office, Bag: Topshop

Outfit Details: Top: Monki, Jeans: Stradivarius, Boots: Office, Bag: Topshop

Happy Sunday,

How are you all doing after the holiday festivities so far? I’ve had an amazing time visiting family and eating haha. Are you all ready for New Year’s Eve? Ready to eat some more food?

For this blog post, I wanted to evaluate some of the resolutions I made this time last year in last year’s post. Have I made myself proud this year? Have I accomplished what I wanted to? Let’s see…


One of the biggest things I wanted to achieve this year was to challenge myself and really push out of my comfort zone. This year I completed my internship in London, a city I’ve never lived in before, doing a job in PR, which I’ve never done before either. It was extremely nerve wracking at times, but overall I’m proud of what I’ve done. I feel like I’ve become a lot more comfortable

Keep Creating

Another goal I made for myself this time last year was to keep on creating! I think I’ve done pretty well with creating content that is evolving and growing with myself. Although I’ve missed a couple of weekly posts, I’ve still created some amazing and quality content with people I’ve really enjoyed creating with!


Stick to my word

Something that has become one of my pet peeves over the years is people not sticking to their word, which means I try as hard as I possibly can to keep to my own word. This year I tried even harder than ever to not make promises or plans without knowing I can keep my word.

New resolutions

The resolutions I’d really like to up hold this year are to travel more, make new friends, become more money smart, and to do more things on my own.

Comment down below with the resolutions or goals you’re setting for yourself. I’m interested to see what challenges you’re setting for yourself, to see if I need to add any to my own list! Thank you to Lucy again for taking my photos for this blog post! Check out her Instagram here! While you’re there, check out my Instagram to see what I’m up to on a daily basis. Anyway, thank you for reading this week’s blog post, and remember to check back next week for a new post!

Georgie x


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