Why I Wish People Would Stop Wishing Winter Away


Good afternoon friends,

(Try to say that title three times fast!) I have a bit of a bone to pick with you haha. After the end of the holiday season, all I've been hearing and seeing is people wishing away our brief winter.  I hear people say "I'm SO ready for spring!" or see stores bringing out floral crop-tops and floaty mini skirts, but I'm a winter girl at heart (I do have Elsa hair after all!).  I do not appreciate this wishing away of cool breezes, frosty mornings, and the possibility of snow!!  I think all the seasons should be given there fair dues and appreciated for each of their variations from one another.  I think living somewhere where you get to experience all the seasons is a blessing, so below are some of my reasons I think we should all slow down and appreciate this season in all it's chilly glory.


Honestly, where would we be without the wonderful wintery food and drink?! Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and  warm soups with crusty bread, are just two examples of wintery foods we would miss if we skipped right over winter.  Winter is about those foods that warm your body and your heart when you're eating them.  Who would want to wish that away?


If you don't secretly wish to wake up in the winter to a white wonderland, then I don't think we can be friends haha.  Snow is something that I find so beautiful, calming, and magical.  It makes me think back to childhood memories of building snowmen, sledding down massive hills in our neighborhood, and having snowball fights, only to get one that goes down the back of your shirt and causes you to do a crazy dance.   



The air just seems cleaner in winter, doesn't it?  There is nothing that feels more cleansing than stepping outside on a frosty winter morning and taking a deep breath of fresh air. In winter, you're not sweating off your makeup, checking for pit stains everytime you walk outside, or having to wash your sweaty, greasy hair every day.  Everything just seems cleaner in winter, don't you agree?

Sweaters and Other Cozy Clothes

To me, throwing on a massive snuggly sweater that feels like I'm wearing a blanket is heaven.  You feel like you're wearing a hug!  Winter clothing is great for hiding away bits of your body you're not 100% comfortable with too! It's a win win, really!  I also find that with winter clothing, you can get more creative with layering and things like that.  Fashion, to me, becomes more fun!

Thank you so much taking the time to read my rant about wishing away winter.  My favorite season is winter after all, so I had to defend it!...the cold never bothered me anyway (if you know, you know).  Hopefully, these little reasons might make you want to slow down a bit and maybe even find something you like about winter yourself! Leave a comment if you're a lover of winter, like me! Love you guys as always and follow me in Instagram to see more wintery posts!

Georgie xo

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