How to Stress Less


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One thing that has really been a big factor in my life lately is stress!  While it can sometimes push us to reach our goals, stress can be very consuming, especially to me.  I consider myself to be a bit of an anxious worry-wart, but I have been trying out some new mechanisms, to help me enjoy life in the moment and stress just a little less. 

Write Down Your Woes

One thing that always helps me to put my stresses in perspective and make them seem more doable, is writing them down.  This helps free up my mind, and also I jump at the chance to cross something off of a list, don't you? (SO SATISFYING!) 


Whether that means going to the gym, for a hike in the mountains, or simply a little walk around your neighborhood, excercise can always help to clear the mind and release stress.  


Look closely and you might see a cheeky little Kade taking my picture!

Look closely and you might see a cheeky little Kade taking my picture!

Treat Yourself

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself!  I'm a big supporter of this.  If you've been working hard and achieving little goals, then you deserve little rewards.  You might like to pick up a top from Zara like me, an indulgent dessert, a new bronzer, or a trip to the movie theater.  When you're feeling really down, a little pick-me-up like these can really make you feel excited and motivated again.


Hang Out With Funny & Supportive People

One of my favorite ways to clear my head and almost reprogram my stressful mind, is to hang out with some of my best friends or family members.  Sometimes it just calls for a quick call to your mom, and sometimes it calls for a four hour long FaceTime to you're bestie.  Friends and family usually  act as great de-stressors!

Read a Good Book

Recently, I've gotten back into reading again, which I truly LOVE.  Sometimes when the semester is in session I feel like I have absolutely NO time to read extra things for my own pleasure, but even just reading a couple of pages before bed has significantly helped me.  Not only does it transport you to the world of the book, but it also helps you leave your stresses behind.  Personally, It helps me to calm down and get my brain into a stress-free mindset before I sleep.  You should try to never go to sleep stressed.

Next time you're feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending tasks, think back to my little tips, and hopefully, they might help! Remember not to over-stress and enjoy every moment of life!  Thank you as always for coming over to join me on this lovely Sunday! I always appreciate the support I get on my little corner of the internet.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you'd like more regular updates!  Have a great long weekend friends!

Georgie x

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