Healthier Way to Make-up

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How is your weekend going?  I hope it's been a good one!  Today I wanted to more on the beauty side of things.  Since I'm still struggling with problem skin, I'm constantly on the lookout for different sensitive skin solutions.

I was, recently, inspired by a post written by fellow blogger, Elizabeth Stewart, to learn more about healthier makeup and a specific brand called Beauty Counter.  (If you want to read her list of harmful makeup ingredients & parabens, check it out here.) 

Below I've included some of my tips for being more aware of what you're putting on your face, and possible ways of becoming friends with your skin rather than fighting it.


Google the Ingredients of Your Makeup

A quick a easy way to see if your makeup is paraben free, like Beauty Counter products, is just to google it!  Look through the ingredients and google the really long ones to see if they are causing problems for your skin.  Some types of foundation might be clogging your pores or might harbor certain bacteria or chemicals that are causing your break-outs.  

Research Your Skin Type

Researching your particular skin type and what makeup products work well with it is a great way to help your skin, rather than harm it.  I have combination skin, so I know really dewy or really matte makeups will not make my skin happy.  I need a more neutral and sensitive skin formula for my picky skin.


Look for PRODUCTS Containing beneficial INGREDIENTS

Look for products that are trying to benefit your skin and make it healthier rather than just covering it up.  A lot of makeup brands are starting to research further into which particular ingreidients can benefit your skin.  I always use products with SPF to help protect my skin, and I look for vitamins and minerals that might help balance and nourish my skin.  


So I challenge you to take a look at your makeup and see if you can cut out any potentially harmful products, or just research more into products that may make your skin happier.  You can shop any of the products I've used below.  Leave a comment below if you felt like this was interesting or helpful.  Also, I'd love to know if you like seeing a beauty post in here now and then!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more blog updates and day-to-day activities.  Also, make sure to join me again on Sunday for the next post!  Thanks for reading lovelies!

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