Transition into Fall: Stripes & Rose Gold

Need some new fall shoes?  Use my code GEORGIE25 to get 25% off  Restricted Shoes  !

Need some new fall shoes?  Use my code GEORGIE25 to get 25% off Restricted Shoes !

Hello friends,

How are you all doing on this lovely Friday?  I just wanted to say thanks for all the love on my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube recently!  I wish I could thank each everyone of you every time...but that might take a while.  Nevertheless, I just wanted to say thanks for being so sweet and supportive!

As you may have noticed, this was posted on a Friday rather than my usual Sunday! Shock! Horror!  I am just trying out some new posting days to see which you like better.  (There will also hopefully be a beauty post up the usual time on Sunday.)  

Now that all that housekeeping is out of the way, onto this week's post.  As the mornings are getting crisper and the sun is setting just a bit sooner, I've decided to talk you through this transitional outfit and how you can start transitioning into your fall wardrobe as well.  

(As it's still warm here, my transitional outfit opted for a bit of skin, but cater your transitional look to your specific weather of course!)  

MUles: The perfect Transitional shoe

Mules were made for the transitional seasons!  Your little toes are kept warm, while the back of your ankle and heel can still breathe. I chose these amazing rose-gold loafer mules from Restricted Shoes to complete my transitional look.   They add the perfect touch of metallic while still allowing my feet to be cool and comfortable!  (P.S. if you use GEORGIE25 at check out you get 25% Restricted Shoes! Yasss!)

IMG_7526 copy.jpg
IMG_7525 copy.jpg

Choose a Long Piece

Whether you opt for a long-sleeve top or trousers, a great way to start transitioning into fall dressing is to choose to cover one part of your body, i.e. legs or arms, and then wear the opposite on the other part of you body.  I chose to wear long-sleeves and a skirt.  This gorgeous top, from Harlowe & Graham, is a perfect transitional piece with the cut-out shoulders.

Cool Your Colors

A great way to start making your outfits and wardrobe in general feel more fall, is to change up your summer color palette.  Start choosing cooler toned pieces, darker pieces, or deep Autumn leaf colors.  I chose a cool blue to emulate the cooler weather to come.


Don't forget to scroll down and shop my outfit if you're interested in any of these pieces!  Thanks for checking out my little section of the blogging community. I appreciate the support, comments, and likes so much! If there is anything you want me to cover in an upcoming blog post, leave me a comment down below!  Don't forget to follow me on my social media accounts.

Georgie x

Outfit Details:

Top: Harlowe & Graham, Skirt: Forever21, Shoes: Restricted Shoes, Sunglasses: Forever21, Bag: Fiorelli, Scarf: Goodwill, Bracelet: Minimalist Jewelry, Rings: Forever21

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