How to Style Culottes

Gold Choker:  Forever21 , Tank:  Forever21 , Culottes:  Ann Taylor , Shoes:  Guilty Soles

Gold Choker: Forever21, Tank: Forever21, Culottes: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Guilty Soles

Good afternoon lovely people! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. This week I thought I would talk about a summer trend that has been keeping me stylish and cool (temperature wise haha).  

As hard as it is to venture out in this 90° heat, it's even harder to do it while still looking fab. Luckily for us, one of this summer's biggest trends is culottes.  

Culottes come in all shapes and sizes, but they're usually cropped and wide, which allows for a good amount of breeziness. 

Culottes, though, are not usually part of a standard wardrobe, so I thought it might be helpful of me to provide some tips on how to wear them.  I, myself, was quite cautious when first trying them, but now I know how comfortable and cool they are, they have quickly become one of my favorite pieces to wear.  

These particular culottes are from Ann Taylor (and they're currently on sale! Hooray!).  I fell in love with these because of their summery, flowy feel.  I also appreciate the tie in the front as it adds a little interest to them.  Color wise, I thought white would be the perfect summer-appropriate color.  I know I will be able to pair them with a lot. 

(Check below the photo to the right for details on each piece of my outfit)

Some Quick Tips for Styling Culottes:

  1. Styling them can depend on their style.  If they are more structured, style with more polished pieces. If they are loose and less structured, like mine, pair with simple, easy classics like a cropped tank or tee to keep the summery feel. 
  2. Play with proportion. Especially for summer, go smaller on top.  Culottes are usually quite wide, so to contrast their larger volume, wear a cropped or tighter fitting top. 
  3. Wear the right shoes.  Though you can wear a variety of shoes with culottes, the styles that compliment them the best are pointed heels or flats.  These help to elongate the leg, as culottes may make your legs look short otherwise.  
  4. These pants were made for exciting shoes.  Culottes provide the perfect length and silhouette to show off some show-stopping shoes.  If you're hiding some beautiful shoes deep in your closet with no clue how to pull them off, chances are they'll look amazing with some culottes!
Choker:  Hidden X Treasure , Top:  Forever21 , Culottes:  Ann Taylor , Bag: Kate Spade, Shoes: Old Navy

Choker: Hidden X Treasure, Top: Forever21, Culottes: Ann Taylor, Bag: Kate Spade, Shoes: Old Navy

I've styled my culottes two ways for you, just so you can get an idea of how I style them.  

For the first outfit, I chose a simple cropped tank.  It is as basic as it gets, because I wanted the emphasis of the outfit to be on the culottes.  Notice how the top I chose is sleek and cropped, which helps contrast the billowy culottes.  I paired it with some simple accessories; my usual bee necklace and a simple, gold choker.  I then added my lace-up pointy flats to elongate my leg.  Also, since culottes show of your ankles and feet, I thought the lace-up detail would be highlighted well.  

For the second look, I chose a striped, knit tee with a 70s vibe to it.  The colors contrasted well with the white pant.  I continued the horizontal pattern of the t-shirt with my black, lace choker from Hidden X Treasure.  I grabbed my classic sunnies and my Kate Spade bag and I was off!

Thank you again to everyone who has visited my new website and kept up with me! It means the world to me that I can express my thoughts on style to all of you! Scroll down to check out my Instagram and leave a comment if you enjoyed this post!

Georgie xo