These Boots Were Made for Walking: Why We All Need a Pair of Dr. Martens

Happiness in a picture!

Happiness in a picture!

Hello Lovelies,

How is it March already? This year is flying by isn’t it? (I feel like it was Christmas only a couple of weeks ago!) Anyway, I hope you’ve had a productive and positive week and a relaxing weekend! I spent yesterday taking some photos for the blog with one of my photographer friends, Lucy, and then cleaning my room and doing some laundry ready for the week ahead. I’m spending today with my friend, Vinceza, hopefully not getting rained on at Camden market. (I’m writing this a day in advance.)

This week I thought I’d talk about one of my new best shoe friends, my Dr. Martens!

I picked these babies up with some Christmas money as I’d been contemplating purchasing them for a while now. I’ve always heard such good things from other Dr. Marten owners. These are the Amilita style and have tartan on the inside if you feel like folding them down for a cheeky bit of fun for your feet. These are the reasons you need to pick up a pair yourself, because I can’t recommend them enough!

They’re a Classic

My first reason everyone needs a pair of these babies in your wardrobe is that they’re literally timeless! My mom had a very similar pair of boots when she was my age and now here I am picking them up myself! They first came out in the 60s and have not left the feet of people everywhere since.

Feeling pretty bad ass in my boots!

Feeling pretty bad ass in my boots!

They add instant cool

Even though I’m only rocking a UK shoe size 4 (US 5), I still feel like these add instant bad ass. If you are looking to add a little bit of cool to your wardrobe, these are the way to go! Pair with a pair of jeans, like I did here, and you’re well on your way to starting your own rock band, right?

They’re Hardy

If these boots aren’t anything else, they’re extremely enduring! They are made to last and look even better with age. The amount of walking you do in London is no joke, and these boots are built for it. I even rocked these on our snow day here in London! I def recommend these if you’re looking for a pair of boots that with take a beating and still weather any weather!

So do you think you’re going to be picking up a pair yourself? Or maybe you already have a pair, so if you do, what is your fav outfit to rock with them? You can shop my outfit below if you’re interested in anything I’m wearing. Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! Special shout out to Zoe Griffin for taking these shots for me! She’s a dream to work on creative things with and such a cutie. I def recommend her for all your photography needs. Join me again here next week for a new post. Remember to seize the week tomorrow!

Georgie x


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