London Internship Experience


Happy Sunday friends,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. I can’t believe how fast weekends have been flying past recently. What have you been up to though? I’m nosey so I’d love for you to leave a cheeky comment down below with what you’ve done this weekend.

For this week’s little post I wanted to reflect on my internship experience, since this week is my last week…*tears* I thought I’d talk about everything I’ve experienced and why I think everyone should try to do an internship at least once in their life. Hopefully, if you’ve been considering doing an internship at all, hearing my experience might make you feel a bit more confident.

Making Amazing Friends & Connections

One of the best things that this internship has led to, is the start of some amazing friendships and connections within the industry that I’m really interested in. There is nothing nicer than meeting people who genuinely are so passionate about the same things as you and it means you will probably never run out of things to say. The people I’ve met at my workplace, the people I’ve lived with, and just the other people I’ve met along the way, have all been so amazing. The wonderful people I have met through the internship program have become such close friends and I cannot wait to hang out with them in the future again. The people who I’ve work for/with are so funny and definitely my kind of people. I’ll be so sad to leave them! I’ve also met some really influential people within the fashion industry, which is very exciting career wise.



Experiencing Amazing Things

This internship has led to some amazing experiences, especially during London Fashion Week! I never could have imagined that I’d get to be so hands on and see as much as I got to during LFW. Experiencing LFW really made me feel even more in love with fashion. You can read more about my LFW experience in my last blog post.

Living in a new city

Living in a completely new place, especially such a big city, as been a dream come true for me, especially since I’ve wanted to try living in London for a while now. Living in London has more than exceeded my expectations and has been endlessly exciting. You could honestly never run out of things to do and people to meet. I can definitely see myself living here in the future.

Learning Opportunities

This experience was one of the most informative learning experiences I’ve had simply because I was thrown into a real-life job setting in the industry I’m interested in! Also the people I worked for were more than happy to explain, teach, and let me experience every side of the job, which was so amazing.

Building Confidence

One of the things I didn’t really expect to gain from this experience was more confidence, as I felt like I was quite confident going into the situation. I feel like my confidence really grew in certain areas like traveling alone, planning trips and activities, and just becoming more self-sufficient in general. I think this experience has really helped me grow even more than I thought I could.

Thank you so much for reading all about my internship. I hope it made you consider doing an internship yourself, if you were thinking about it before because I’d definitely recommend it. Comment down below if you’ve already done an internship and what your experience was like. I’d love to hear about your internship experiences too. It means the world to me that you’ve taken the time to read my little blog post. Remember to check back next week for a new blog post!

Georgie x