How I Learned to Like Working Out


Good morning and happy Sunday!

Today I wanted to discuss my workout routine and how I went from not working out at all to enjoying working out multiple times a week!  First, I think I need to debunk the perceived notion that a "work out" has to be the intense lifting of 70lbs weights and running 12 miles.  There is nothing less motivating than telling yourself that's how it has to be.  "Working out" is simply getting out and moving in order to feel better afterward and to keep your body healthy.  "Working out" can be hiking in the mountains, like my mom, doing yoga with your friends, or even dancing for an hour!  

So now that we've overcome that hurdle, let's get down to my tips on enjoying your next workout.  

Do What You Enjoy

In my opinion, the key to working out, is finding something that you enjoy and will be motivated enough to continue doing.  Simply getting yourself to the gym or out to run is one of the biggest steps.  In order to keep yourself motivated and going back multiple times a week, you need to do something you enjoy or at least don't completely hate.  If you hate running, like me, then don't run, because you will never want to work out.  Instead of forcing myself onto the treadmill, I like to use the elliptical or the bike.  If you don't feel comfortable in the gym, go to the park, the mountains, or even just workout in your home!  Don't force yourself to go somewhere you don't feel confident. 


Setting little goals for yourself to accomplish within a week or a month can give you something to strive for.  This is another way to keep motivated about going to workout.  Achieving a goal is always a wonderful feeling, isn't it?  Make sure these goals are realistic and set for you personally.  Don't say something like "I will be able to do 1,000 pushups by next Wednesday" because you'll only be discouraged when you don't reach that ridiculous goal.  


Nothing is harder to avoid than a planned out routine.  Therefore, planning out where your workout will fit perfectly into your week will help you stay on track.  Since I don't have classes until the afternoon, I've been working out in the morning.  It also fits into my routine better because I shower in the mornings, so I just go to workout, shower and then get ready for the day!

These  Siccups  are amazing at keeping water cold  for an entire day of working out, school, and work!

These Siccups are amazing at keeping water cold  for an entire day of working out, school, and work!

Dress to Impress

This wouldn't be a fashion blog if I didn't mention clothing, now would it? What you wear to work out can really affect how motivated you are.  Some stylish workout wear will make you want to head straight to the gym.  Also, treat yourself to a new water bottle, like these gorgeous ones from Siccups, because hydration can never be overrated.  I mean how could you just let those new leggings and cute sports bra just sit in your draw with labels still attached?  As in any part of my life, I've found that if I feel confident in what i'm wearing, I will be happier, more motivated, and focused.  

Outfit details: Crop top: T.J. Maxx, Pullover: Target, Leggings: Champion, Shoes: Nike, Water-bottles: Siccups

As always, thank you for reading this week's post! I hope you enjoyed a little change of scenery with this workout post.  Let me know in the comments what you love to do when you work out, whether that's hiking, biking, or swimming, oh my! Join me again next week for another post and thank you for the support!

Georgie x

This blog post is dedicated to my energetic, beautiful, and hilarious friend, Savannah! You inspire me, babes.