Update Your Skin Care Routine


Hello lovelies!

These  products  have taken over my morning skin care routine!

These products have taken over my morning skin care routine!

So I recently made a change in my skincare routine and I thought I should update you on what and why.

As you may already know, I've been using ProActiv for years now.  I had moderate acne before I started using it in my early teens and it really seemed to help.

But, now I'm well into my twenties and I thought it was about time I updated my skin care routine.  In your twenties, your skin changes drastically from your overly hormonal, teen skin.  As an early teen, your skin tends to be more oily and acne prone because of those nasty hormonal changes that your body is going through.  But, in your twenties, your skin regains some balance and begins to dry out.  Twenty-year-old skin is generally less oily and begins to lose a bit of it's bounce.

Since my skin has noticeably changed, I decided I needed to update my routine.  I still get the occasional breakout, so I will still be using my ProActiv regime, but only once a day instead of twice. 

Now to cleanse and treat my skin in the morning, I have started using one of Stemology's signature regimes.  This is a much more moisturizing routine focused on repair of the skin.  This moisturizing regime is a huge contrast to the harsh skin treatment of Proactiv.  

The basic routine starts with a simple cleanser.  Then, you use the tightening toner to prepare your skin for the Cell Revive serums.  I use the eye serum and the serum for all over the face.  They help treat and moisturize the skin.  Then I finish off with the Cell Renew Moisture Complete to lock in the moisture and prepare the skin for makeup.

I have noticed a real improvement in the smoothness and elasticity of my skin.  My skin is so much brighter after using the Stemology system too! It also better prepares my skin for makeup.  

Remember, your skin changes as you do.  So,if you find yourself struggling with your same old skin routine, maybe it's time to update your routine.  Your skin will thank you for the new attention.  Also check out Stemology's products to see if any of them are right for your skin.  They have products for all ages and skin types.

Thank you for reading along and learning about my updated skincare routine. Let me know down in the comments what products you enjoy using so I can try them out too!  As always, thank you for your lovely support!

Georgie xo